Why You Should Visit New York City In The Fall

When is the best time to visit New York? I’m sure everyone has their own opinions on this but personally I think fall is the best time to visit NYC. I have to admit that I’ve always been a summer person, mainly because I lived in cooler places like SF and London. But having spent a couple of falls here, I am a changed person!

The Weather

New York has surprised me, in a good way. After 3 months of humid and hot weather, the change of season couldn’t have come sooner. I personally think late September to the end of October is the best time to visit New York because the temperature is a comfortable range between 50-75 degrees (depends on the day). The air is dry and crisp.

Most of the time the weather is sunny with little humidity. It’s usually high of 75F (~23C) during the day and low 50s (~10C) at night (colder in late October than in late September). IMG_6788

The Sunset

At first I thought it was just me, but after some Google search I discovered that the sunsets are prettier and more colorful in the fall because the earth is in transition more during the spring and fall. It’s probably the best time of the year for photographers and sunset lovers to enjoy the beautiful sunsets in New York. Personally I think the best place for sunset in NYC is at Brooklyn Bridge Park. From there you can see not only Brooklyn Bridge, the Manhattan Skyline, but also Statue of Liberty. IMG_6862


Statue of Liberty at Sunset

The Parks

New Yorkers love to spend time in Central Park regardless of the season but I’ve noticed more people take photo shoots there in the fall than any other season. Who can blame them? Central Park becomes gold and red during this beautiful season. Although there is no bad time to visit, I do think that fall is one of the best time to visit Central Park because it’s less crowded and it’s colorful everywhere.


Central Park foliage by the mall


Perfect for an afternoon picnic

I have been going to Central Park almost every weekend just to walk around, enjoy the view, explore different areas of the park, and check out all the people taking engagement photos or family portraits there. If you are ever in New York visiting during the Fall season, definitely spend a couple of hours in the park, you won’t be disappointed 🙂



Outdoor ice skating rink


The Hikes

If you are a big outdoors or hiking fan, then this is the best time to visit New York. Upstate along the Hudson River, there are numerous hikes that you can do to catch foliage. Besides going to Central Park, I have also been hiking every single weekend which I will write in more detail in a different post.

The hikes in New York are a little different than the West Coast. Our hikes are definitely more rocky with a good amount of rock scrambling. But you are rewarded with beautiful views at the end. If you are interested in hiking in New York, definitely check out this useful website to find the best hikes in New York. I have been using this website for all my weekend hikes.



New Yorkers take Halloween very seriously. If you are not going to a Halloween Party, then you should at least walk around at night to see all the costumes. New Yorkers even dress up their dogs for Halloween, see here.


By Sai Mokhtari / Gothamist

If you like Pumpkins and lanterns, a cool thing called The Great Jack O’Lantern Glaze in New Jersey is a good choice. Tickets are $25 but you get to see hundreds if not thousands of carved pumpkin lit up at night. To learn more, click here.


*From the official website

Apple Picking

Fall is apple season, so get into a car and drive to an apple orchard. This is a cute fall activity for couples, group of friends, and family! I’ve never done it myself but I’m adding this on my to do list. If you want to find out more, this article is pretty good.

Fall Tips When Visiting New York

  • Bring your camera! You will be amazed by all the colors you see everywhere
  • Interested to know where the best spots to take photos in Central Park? Check out this useful map published by Central Park
  • Bring layers as the weather can change drastically overnight (or even over two hours)
  • Have a picnic on the great lawn (or any lawn) in the parks
  • Take a sip of Pumpkin Spiced Latte at any coffee shops in the city, they are literally everywhere
  • Take out your skates and show off your talent at any 3 of the outdoor ice skating rink in the city (tip: the one at Bryant Park is free)




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