Cool Thing To Do In Toronto: Graffiti Alley

Toronto is a city mixed with multiple cultures, as seen in the diverse food options, architecture styles, and its art scene. There are plenty of art museums and over 200 city-owned pieces of public art installations and monuments. One thing you may not know is that Toronto also has a vibrant street art scene all over the city.

One of the best known and most popular spot for street art is the Graffiti Alley on the edge of Chinatown. The Alley is only one block away from the busy intersection of Spadina Ave and Queens St. It could be easily missed by tourists if they didn’t know the existence of this artistic gem.


The alley is indeed……an alley. I knew it was a tourist attraction so I had assumed the city would have kept it polished and clean so I was a bit surprised to find that there were a lot of trash and garbage cans lying around. But quickly I started focusing on the colorful and seemingly never ending paintings on building walls on both sides of the alley.


The alley is about 3 blocks long consists of different murals and artists. Even Banksy, the secret wall painter who loves to deliver political messages through his street art, is said to have painted a picture here in this alley.





One of my fav

If you are in Toronto for a weekend, take some time to walk through this fantastic alley. In here you can find different voices from so many different countries and backgrounds all reflected in these beautiful murals. And also, what you see today may  not be here next week.



4 thoughts on “Cool Thing To Do In Toronto: Graffiti Alley

  1. These captures are brilliant! Although I’ve been in Toronto for 4 years, I have not made my way around town to see the graffiti art – will be sure to do so this Summer!


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