50 Fun and Practical Gifts for Hikers and Trekkers

Looking for a gift for hiking lovers? This hiking gift guide will show you the best hiking themed gifts.

Friends with someone who is an avid hiker and not sure what to get them? It can be a little intimidating and confusing to say the least to pick a practical gift for hikers especially if you do not hike.

When I was preparing for my first hike, I literally had no idea what I needed for my hike. I had all these questions, like can I hike in sneakers? What do I bring besides water on my hike? What backpack do I need? Do I even NEED a backpack?

Now I have hiked more and I’ve gone on numerous hiking trips over the years, I can confidently tell you there are so many gifts out there that I would love to get to make my hiking trips easier!

So if you are looking for a practical gift for hiking and nature lover or if you are looking for a funny and cute gift for someone who loves to hike, look no more! I will show you all the best gifts to make a hiker happy.

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Essential Gears and Gifts for Someone Who Hikes

1) Hiking/ Trekking Poles

MSR Dynalock Ascend Foldable Carbon Poles

You probably have expected this one and I seriously think a good pair of hiking poles is a must for anyone who is into hiking and trekking.

As a hiker, you don’t always need hiking poles but on long hikes, especially the ones with steep ascend and descent, hiking poles are a life saver for your knees.

Hiking poles range from budget to high tier expensive ones so depending on your budget, you can choose accordingly.

I recommend the Black Diamond Alpine Carbon Cork Trekking Poles and MSR Dynalock Ascent Foldable Carbon Poles for those willing to spend more for top performance (light weight, durable, comfortable). For budget options, consider this one or this one from Amazon.

2) Hiking Shoes

Merrell Moab2 hiking shoes

Besides hiking poles, the next most essential gift for any hiking lovers is a pair of comfortable and sturdy hiking shoes.

Based on personal experience, hiking shoes can make or break your entire trip. You would not want crappy shoes when you need to walk 8+ hours a day on uneven (or even rocky) terrain would you? Regular shoes also cannot protect your ankles and for some, it is extremely easy to roll their ankles when hiking.

I researched hiking shoes a lot just for my own hiking trips, and I highly recommend the Moab 2 (or 3) hiking shoes (women version here)!

I tried so many pairs on at REI and only the Moab hiking shoes were soft, sturdy and comfortable. It wasn’t high enough to cut into my ankle but it was cushioned enough that I don’t worry about rolling my ankles. These hiking shoes are also waterproof so I never have to worry about getting my feet wet.

3) Hiking Backpack

Osprey hiking backpack

The first time I legit hiked was to Trolltunga. In case you are not familiar with Trolltunga, it’s this epic 27km (16 mile) round trip hike in Norway. I was young and I wasn’t prepared. My friend and I hiked with those JanSport backpacks, with no back support or anything!

Now thinking back, I think if I had hiking poles and a proper hiking backpack I would’ve probably felt so much better during and after the hike. Without proper support, my back was killing me the entire hike.

So, don’t let your friends be like me and get them the gift of a legit hiking backpack!

My personal favorite brand of hiking backpack is Osprey. I never understood them until I used them on a hike, and the hip belt was so essential to take the weight onto my hip rather than hanging off my shoulder (which is what happened on my Trolltunga hike).

Osprey backpacks are well designed, padded and they are extremely comfortable and also breathable. I have two different ones and used them in Peru, Patagonia, Banff, New Zealand, and Switzerland.

If you are planning to take a lot of things, then pick the larger sized backpack; otherwise a smaller size works well as a day pack.

4) Bladder

CamelBak Bladder

What is a bladder you ask? Bladder is basically a big bag of water with a tube that you can carry with you when you hike. With the tube you do not need to stop and take off your backpack to get water. You can just grab the tube and drink while you hike.

Again, a hiking bladder was not something on my radar until my boyfriend at the time told me to use it for my Machu Picchu trip. Now that I have experienced the convenience of a water bladder I can no longer go back to drinking from a water bottle on a hike.

My personal favorite brand of hiking bladder is CamelBak. They are reliable, made of high quality materials and they have never leaked.

You can get a CamelBak 3 Liter hydration bladder here.

5) Bladder Cleaning Kit

Hiking hydration bladder cleaning kit

As you can see, this gift guide is going in logical order, no?

All jokes aside, bladder cleaning kit is pretty essential! Unless your friend is hiking everyday, there is bound to be a period of time s/he is not using the bladder.

Bladders can get dirty and it’s necessary to clean them before use. Given the unique design with the long drinking tube, you will need special tools to clean the bladder.

There are many bladder cleaning kits you can get, such as this one by CamelBak.

6) Water Filter

Lifestraw Filter

Don’t think your friend will use a hydration bladder? No problem, they can still use their own bottle but with a personal water filter.

I never realized the value of water filter until I went on a hiking trip to the North Cascades this past summer. Most of the hikes were 10 miles + and it was not feasible to carry more than 3-4L of water with me on a steep hike.

Fortunately there were many water source along the hike and having a water filter/ filter bottle was the best option for us to filter water along the way without breaking our backs.

There are many types of filters but you can consider this LifeStraw filter or the LifeStraw bottle with filter.

7) Mineral Sunscreen

CeraVe sunscreen gifts for hiker

Don’t want to spend a lot on a gift to your hiker friend? Don’t worry there are cheaper but very practical gifts you can get for your trekking lover friend.

Sunscreen is one of those things that every hiker cannot hike without. Most likely the hikes will be exposed somewhat and you will need some sort of sun protection.

I am a big fan of physical blockers for sunscreen rather than chemical ones. Why physical blockers you ask. I did a lot of research on the best sunscreen for hikers and it just doesn’t make me feel comfortable knowing the chemicals in chemical blockers (the usual sunscreen people get in stores) easily get absorbed by your skin.

I also would not recommend getting any spray sunscreen as those have been linked to cancer in recent studies.

I personally always love pure mineral sunblocks like this one, this Elta MD one, and this CeraVe one. Also don’t forget the lip sunblock as well.

8) Backpack Rain Cover

Rain jackets can help you stay dry when you hike in the rain but how about your hiking backpack?

Some of the Osprey backpacks come with its own rain cover, but if you don’t have one of those hiking backpacks with a cover, you may want to consider getting one.

When we were in Peru we had to hike in the rain for 2 days since we couldn’t just stop on Inca Trail. It was extremely useful to have a backpack cover to keep all my items dry in my hiking backpack.

You don’t need to get an expensive or fancy cover, something like this is perfect for hiking in the rain.

9) External Battery

Power Bank

When you go on long hikes or multi-day hikes, it is very likely that your phone will die especially if it’s cold outside. Or if your friend is like me and wants to take a lot of photos and videos during a hike, the phone batteries will die even faster.

I used to freak out when my phone was down to 25% battery when I’m half way through the hike, so I have learned to always bring with me a portable charger.

If you are trying to buy a good external phone battery, there are a few things to consider, such as capacity, charging speed, and weight (especially if you are already carrying a lot of things)!

Some of the best external phone batteries that I found include the Anker Portable Charger, INIU Portable Charger, and the Elecjet PowerPie P20.

10) First Aid Kit

First aid kit

When you are in the wild, anything can happen. It could be as minor as a cut or blister or as severe as an actual wound.

You don’t need to bring a large box of first aid items with you (nor is it possible to do that), but it is essential to have some first aid items with you especially on a long hike.

Check out these small and lightweight first aid kits (and this mini one) for your hiker friend.

11) Headlamp


Headlamp is one of those things that you don’t realize you need it until you need it.

Headlamps are great when you don’t want to use your hands (since you are holding hiking poles) and you need to hike in the dark. I first used it when I was hiking Inca Trail in Peru and have been bringing it on my hikes ever since.

Headlamps are lightweight, small and cheap, therefore making it the perfect gift for someone who loves to hike before sunrise or after sunset!

Check out this rechargeable headlamp and this traditional battery operated headlamp.

12) Insect Repellent

Insect repellent gifts for hikers

Insect Repellent is a no brainer item that every hiker should bring with them, especially if you know you will be hiking in wooded areas.

I don’t generally like having insect repellent on me but they really are a life saver, especially for someone who is allergic to bug bites.

The DEET ones works really well but if you want a more natural one, check out this one and this one.

13) Body Wipes

body wipes gifts for hikers

Body wipes are extremely useful (and compact) for multi-day hikes.

When I was doing Inca Trail in Peru, it was 4 day 3 nights with no shower. The only way to keep clean was to use body wipes and dry shampoo.

There are many types of body wipes but I swear by this one since it was large yet compact and moisturizing. It took up no space in my luggage and one was enough for the entire body.

14) Bear Mace

Bear spray gifts for hiking lovers

Bear Spray is one of those things that you wish you never need but you also need to have it with you just in case.

There are many beautiful mountain ranges and national parks that are known to have bears, such as Banff, North Cascades, Glacier National Park, etc. There are many news stories about how a hiker gets attacked by bears.

If you know someone that is going to hike in a place known to have bears, bear deterrent spray would be the most practical gift you can get them for them to stay safe.

You can generally get bear spray from REI or even national parks tourist centers. If they don’t end up using it, they can always donate it back.

15) Bear Bell

While on the topic of bear safety, in general bears tend to run away from humans when they hear human approaching them. The only reason they would attack someone is if they feel threatened (or they want to protect their cubs).

One way to scare off bears is to make a lot of noise, but unless your phone has unlimited battery or you can keep talking the entire hike, you will want something that constantly makes noises.

While we were hiking in Yoho National Park, we saw a lot of people having these bear bells on their backpack.

Bear bells is an easy and inexpensive gift for your hiking friend but it is probably one of the most useful gifts they will receive!

16) Quick Dry Towel

quick dry towel gift for campers

Unless someone is hiking on a completely flat trail in the shade, they will sweat on a hike, especially a steep and long one. And it is a very gross feeling to be hiking drenched in sweat.

I have always appreciated having a quick dry towel with me when I hike, so I can at least wipe away all the sweat when I’m taking a water break and it makes me feel better immediately.

Quick dry towels are an easy, cheap but practical gift for your hiker or camper friend. There are many different types on Amazon, such as this one and this large one.

17) Emergency Blankets

Emergency Blankets

If your friend is into alpine hiking then something that would potentially be live saving is an emergency blanket.

Emergency Blankets are lightweight and inexpensive, but they are life saving as they can reflect up to 90% of someone’s body heat back to them.

When trekking in alpine conditions weather can change drastically; it could be sunny one second and snowy the next. You really do not want to be caught unprepared.

You can get an emergency blanket here and here.

18) GPS Navigator

GPS navigator

If you or your friend is a fan of off trail hiking, then you know the importance of having a GPS navigator.

There are many trails that are amazing but there is either no official trails set (like the ones in remote Alaska) or sometimes trail markers are so worn out it’s hard to follow.

This is when having a GPS navigator comes in handy and it is a necessity for those who want to hike in very remote areas with no well marked trail.

Best Hiking Outfit (and Weather Proof) Gift Ideas

19) Hiking Pants

Hiking Pants

If your friend is a hardcore hiker, then hiking pants is a must have for him/her.

You can technically wear trainers or other pants to hike but good hiking pants are worth it. They are comfortable, lightweight and dry quickly, all three properties that will make a hiking trip a lot more comfortable.

You want the pants to be loosely fitting and not rub against the skin or constrict your movement, that’s why you should never wear jeans to hike.

You can get a more budget pair of hiking pants or go full on expensive ones (women version here).

20) Smartwool Hiking Socks

SmartWool socks

Just like hiking shoes, hiking socks can make or break a hiking trip. Yes you can wear any socks when you hike, but good socks really make your feet feel better.

So what’s so special about Smartwool Socks? Is it all a hype?

Smartwool socks are soft, thermoregulating, odor-neutralizing so they can keep your feet warm, dry and provides good amount of cushion when you have to walk a lot on uneven path.

You also want to wear high top socks when you hike to protect yourself against tick and insect bites.

You can easily get Smartwool socks from REI or Amazon.

21) Merino Base Layer

Layering is key to stay warm and comfortable while hiking.

When you first start the hike, it’s probably gonna be chilly. But as you start the hike you will start feeling warm. If you dress in layers it will be a lot easier to take things off.

Merino base layer is key to comfortable layering while staying dry and comfortable. Merino wool is great at locking in heat and dry by wicking moisture from your body.

Yes you can get other base layers but a lot of times they are made with synthetic materials which uses a lot of chemicals in production. Merino wool, on the contrary, uses natural material and it is more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

You can get Merino wool base layers from REI, Amazon or Backcountry.

22) Rain Jacket/ Rain Shell

Franklin Falls closeup Washington

It is inevitable that when you hike you will encounter some rain and wind. This is when having a waterproof rain jacket or rain shell comes in handy.

When I was hiking in New Zealand it rained on a few hikes, good thing I had a Patagonia rain shell that actually kept me dry until the end of the hike.

If you are looking for something a little cheaper, then check out this one and this rain jacket.

23) Bandana

I never thought I would wear a bandana on my hikes until I went to Inca Trail and let me tell you the bandana really helped keeping hair out of my face and absorbing all my sweat.

Why didn’t I want them? Well I always thought they would be ugly but they don’t have to be! There are actually some really cute and creative bandanas out there.

If you are looking for a national park themed bandana then this bandana is the perfect gift for your hiker friend. If you just want a “regular” bandana then check out this one from Amazon.

24) Mosquito Net/ Mosquito Suit

Gifts for hikers: mosquito suit

You may laugh at this one and your friend probably will too, because it really is hilarious (but practical!).

Mosquito Suit is not something you see everyday or on every trail, and it is not something people normally wear when they hike.

But let me tell you! When we were hiking the Tolmie Peak Trail in Mount Rainier in July, there were so many mosquitos it was actually crazy. Whenever we stopped there would be at least 10 mosquitos landing on us.

On that trail we saw people with these ridiculous looking mosquito suits and guess what? We thought they were the smartest people ever. So… you never know when you will need something like that on a hike.

You can get the Mosquito suit here.

Consumable Gifts for Hikers and Nature Lovers

25) Insulated Food Jar

insulated food jar hiking gifts

Most of the time when you are hiking you are consuming pre-packaged sandwiches or granola bars. But what if you want something nice and warm?

Ever since discovering insulated food jars my hiking trips have become more….tasty! I could pack cold fruits, salad and even warm food with me on my hikes without worrying about ruining the food or worse, leaking into my hiking backpack.

You may not be able to buy gifts for your hiking loving friend but you can also send them a Hydro flaks food jar or these stainless steel insulated food jars.

26) Instant Coffee

Starbucks coffee gift for hikers

When you are doing multi-day hikes in the mountains, there is no coffee shop you can go to to get your daily dose of caffeine. We were so groggy every morning when we were in North Cascades National Park since we could not get coffee anywhere.

If you know someone who loves to hike and needs their morning coffee, they would definitely appreciate some instant coffee to bring with them on the hikes.

REI has some great instant coffee, such as the Alpine Start Instant Coffee that was created by a climber using 100% high elevation grown arabica coffee from Colombia. Another great one is Verve instant coffee, sourced from Antigua and Cauca with the aromatics of toasted hazelnuts.

Or you can always get the Starbucks instant coffee from Amazon!

27) Camping Food

camping food gifts for campers

Sometimes it is just not possible to be able to bring a lot of food with you when you are doing multi-day hikes and have to camp.

This is when great camping food comes to the rescue. I always see these food whenever I go to REI and to be honest, they are not bad.

There are a lot of flavors you can pick from, but I do like the Pad Thai with Chicken, Beef Stew or you can try the assorted meal.

You just need to add boiling water to warm up the food and tada, you have a warm meal for the night.

28) Hydration Tablets

Liquid IV hydration gift for hikers

Staying hydrated is always a challenge on long hikes, at least for me. I always sweat too much and not drinking enough water and I just feel sore all the time.

But during my last hiking trip to the North Cascades, my friend actually brought this hydration powder that she was swearing by everyday so of course I had to try.

I basically just added the hydration powder to my water everyday and it actually helped. I felt that I recovered from long hikes much faster and I wasn’t sore for as long. I do think the electrolytes really helped with my recovery.

Some of the popular hydration tablets and powders include the NUUN one, Skratch Labs drink mix and Liquid IV (the one we took on the trip).

All Purpose Gifts for Hiking and National Park Lovers

29) America the Beautiful Pass

America the Beautiful annual pass hiking gifts

If you know your hiking lover friend is planning to hike in a US national park or a federal recreation sites, then there is nothing better than getting him/her the America the Beautiful Pass!

America the Beautiful Pass is an annual pass that allows the pass holder to visit more than 2000 federal recreation sites across the country, including all of the US National Parks.

Recreation sites include sites managed by the Forest Service, National Park Service, Fish and Wildlife Service, Bureau of Land Management, Bureau of Reclamation and Army Corps of Engineers. It covers entrance for a driver and all passengers in a personal vehicle or up to 4 adults at sites that charge per person.

I wish I had this pass when I visited North Cascades National Park since we ended up having to pay the National Forest fee everyday when we hiked Maple Pass Loop and Blue Lake Trail.

Get your America the Beautiful Pass at REI.

30) Walkie Talkies

Walkie Talkie gift for hiking lovers

When you are hiking or camping in the woods or some remote mountain range, most of the time you will lose cellphone reception.

In the unlikely event that you get separated from your hiking mates, it would be essential to have a walkie talkie so you can still communicate with one another even in remote areas.

Generally walkie talkies can reach 3-5 miles communication range in open areas and some even have flashlights and SOS sirens, allowing you to send out distress signals in an emergency situation.

You can get a beginner level one like this or a more expensive one like this.

31) AllTrails Subscription

Alltrails subscription gift

AllTrails is something I use to research every hike that I do. But besides the reviews and photos, the most useful feature is its offline trail map.

When we were in Banff trying to find the second view point for Peyto Lake (and almost giving up), we ended up following this German couple who was using an AllTrails offline trail map (and clearly they knew where they were going).

I wish I had discovered this a lot sooner but you don’t have to be like me.

You can get your hiker friend the AllTrails subscription so they can always stay on the right trail and never worry about getting lost.

32) Child Carrier and Backpack

Gifts for someone with kids but loves to hike - child carrier and backpack

Know someone who has kids but loves to hike? You can be the good friend and get them a premium child carrier so they can hike with their little one!

These carriers are designed to be comfortable and safe for the child (with sun protection and harness) and provides excellent back support for the parent.

They can carry children from 16lbs up so these can be utilized for quite a long time.

I highly recommend getting either an Osprey or a Deuter one; both brands are known for their hiking gear quality.

33) REI or Amazon Gift Card

REI Giftcard

Can’t decide what gift to get for someone who loves to hike? You literally cannot go wrong with an REI or Amazon gift card!

I love that the REI gift cards have so many designs and of course everyone loves an Amazon gift card.

Get your REI and Amazon gift card today!

Fun Hiking Themed Gifts

34) Custom Hiking Trail signs

Custom hiking sign fun gifts for hikers

Does your hiking friend have a favorite trail? You can now give them a personalized wooden sign with their favorite trails.

These signs are made of New England barnwood. You can submit the name of the trail or park and select an icon like a mile marker, campfire, or hikers and even pick a color you like.

You can customize your hiking sign here.

35) Mountain Necklace

mountain necklace gift for hikers

Hiking gifts don’t always have to be large and practical! You can also get a pretty little jewelry gift for your friend that still says she loves the mountains.

This sterling silver nature inspired mountain necklace will remind your friend of his/her favorite place. The necklace can feature a sun or a full moon peeking out from the mountain top.

Purchase the mountain necklace here.

36) National Park Checklist Map

Hiking gifts

Everyone has a bucket list and your hiker friend probably has a list of hikes they want to do as well.

Now you can creatively give him/her this beautifully hand made National Park checklist map to decorate their rooms.

This map is made with wooden frame and comes with marker or pen. It will help your friend set goals for their next big hike!

You can purchase the National Park Checklist Map here.

37) Hikers’ Journey Glassware

Hiking themed shot glass

If you want to showcase your love for hiking with your friends, then this Hikers’ Journey glassware set is the perfect hiking themed gift.

This glassware set captures the adventurous spirit of outdoor discovery. The shot glass set starts off with a chill easy stroll and as you progresses through each glass, the hike becomes more difficult with higher elevation.

This unique hiking themed shot glass perfectly sums up one’s hiking journey (and drinking journey too)!

38) Massage Cube

Hiking themed gifts massage cube

Hiking is no easy feat and those sore legs and muscles need some pampering after a long hike.

Now you can get these menthol-infused cubes to give yourself (or your friend) a massage. The cube is made from essential oils, butter, and other organic ingredients.

In addition, these handmade massage cubes are helping to contribute to the environment. For every cube sold, the company will plant a tree with the help of the environmental nonprofit One Tree Planted.

Get your massage cube and plan a tree today.

39) National Park Doormat

national Park themed mat

If you want a hiking themed house decoration, look no further than the National Park doormat!

These funny yet practical doormat are very easy to clean and add a touch of your adventure to your house/ apartment.

You can get the National Park service one or a National Park map one.

40) Grow Your Own National Park Botanicals Kit

hiking national park themed gifts

Love national parks and the trails you hiked there? Each of these grow kits contains all you need to grow a living memento of your favorite national parks.

The options include Grand Canyon (Coleus plant), Olympic (Sitka Sprude), Yellowstone (yellow minulus flower), Yosemite (redwood seedling), and Zion National Park (Emerald Falls dichondra).

Pick your favorite national park and grow your own plant here.

41) National Park Keycap Set

hiking themed gifts national park keyboard

Loves hiking but also has a desk top? Now you can have the best of two worlds with this Keycap set.

This ergonomically designed keycap set comes with colorful keys as well as a National Park themed key for mechanical keyboards.

You can get them for quite cheap on AliExpress.

42) Hiking Bag Ornament

Hiking bag ornament gifts

If you are looking for something to decorate your Christmas tree that is still hiking themed, this personalized hiking bag ornament is the perfect ornament.

This ornament is made of environmentally friendly fiber woods (or Acrylic) and you can either get it made into a keychain or a shape ornament and add your personalization.

43) Dog Hiking Essentials Kit

dog hiking gift

Planning to hike with a dog? you will need this dog hiking essential kit.

This cute hiking themed gift comes with 3 biodegradable poop bags, 3 wet wipes, 2 paper towel bowls, 1 dollar light, 1 tick removal tool and 1 dog traveling guide booklet.

Just bring this dog hiking essential kit and your pup’s favorite treats and you guys are on your way to a great hike!

44) Hiking Themed Socks

funny hiking socks gift

You can get some funny hiking themed socks for your hiking lover friend with these cute designs. Your friend will be sure have a good laugh when they see this hiking gift.

You can order this design and this design on Amazon.

45) Muscle Rub

Muscle Rub hiking gift

I remember when I hiked Roy’s Peak, my glute and legs were sore for 3 days (and I was working out everyday for 9 months that time).

I could’ve used this muscle rub to help calm these sore muscles down. This soothing muscle rub uses natural oils including peppermint, cinnamon, grapefruit, basil and ginger and takes the hot-and-cold sensation of menthol to work with your sore body.

46) Cute Hiking Shirt

Hike more hiking themed shirt gift

Want to get a cute shirt for a female hiker friend?

This customizable hiking shirt could be the perfect hiking themed gift for your friend.

You can pick from over 20 colors and customize the shirt for her liking.

47) National Park Shower Curtain

national park hiking themed shower curtain

This retro national park poster shower curtain can bring some freshness to a hiking lover’s bathroom.

The shower curtain has a standard size of 69 x 70 inch and should fit most bathtubs. It is easy to clean and machine washable, making it a funny but practical hiking themed gift for a friend (or for yourself!).

48) Personalized custom trail map gift

hiking trail gift

Do you or does your friend have a favorite trail?

Now you can forever remember that hiking trail with this custom trail map gift.

You just need to tell the seller the name of the trail and location and you will receive the perfect gift with your favorite trails on it.

49) Hiking Mom Mug

Any hiking parents out there? This gift is for all the hiking moms out there.

Yes hiking moms are cooler so get this cool mug for a cool hiking mom. It’s hard to be a mom, especially one that carries their kids up the mountains.

50) Gone Hiking Candle

Gone hiking candle gift for hikers

Don’t you just love the woody smell on a trail out in the wild?

You can now bring that beautiful smell home with you with this scented candle.

Have a hot bath after a long day of hiking with this pine smell relaxing aromatherapy candle. That sounds like the perfect way to wind down doesn’t it?

Get your hiking scented candle here.

Your hiking lover friend will for sure love these practical and fun hiking gifts.

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