One Week (7 Day) New York Itinerary by a Local: What to Do in 7 Days in NYC

My 1 week New York City itinerary is perfect to see the best of New York City both from a tourist perspective and a local’s point of view. After moving to NYC in 2015, I’ve been exploring this city non stop since there are so many new things happening all the time! Follow my NYC itinerary to find out what to see and eat in New York City from me, a local! I will also give you super useful travel tips for NYC.

New York City is an amazing city to visit no matter how long you decide to spend here. With 1 week in NYC, you can see all the famous attractions and lesser known things in the city, watch different shows and try the best food and bars.

As a New York City local, I get super jealous when someone visits the city for the first time. Having lived here for almost a decade, I still find new things to do and new cafes and restaurants to try every week. In fact, there are more cafes and restaurants that open up than I can visit.

I just want to make it clear that New York City is not just Manhattan!! New York City has 5 boroughs and while Manhattan is the most popular and well known, there are many other cool neighborhoods to check out in New York City (like Brooklyn and Queens). This is what I’ll aim to show you in this 7 day New York City itinerary, so you can go back knowing that you saw both the touristy New York City and the real New York City.

My one week New York itinerary covers a lot of attractions so if you plan to visit multiple attractions, it may be best to consider purchasing a New York City Travel Pass to save money while following this essential New York itinerary.

Planning a New York City vacation?

As a New York City local, I explore the city every week to provide the most updated information and recommendations for visitors like you.

From New York City itineraries to things to do and places to eat (don’t forget cute flower cafes), I have written all sorts of topics.

Whether you are visiting NYC in the winter, summer, spring or fall, you will find a ton of recommendations from me and never get bored!


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One week (7 days) in New York City: Itinerary Overview With Maps

I like to plan my itineraries by geographic locations to avoid commuting back and forth and wasting time. So this itinerary is grouped by neighborhoods for practical purposes. Feel free to move things around or skip things since I like to recommend a lot of things to do in NYC.


Day 1: Uptown Manhattan (Maroon Pins)
Day 2: Lower Manhattan (Orange Pins)
Day 3: Downtown & Midtown (Purple Pins)
Day 4: West Side of NYC (Black Pins)
Day 5: Downtown & Brooklyn (Light Green Pins)
Day 6: Brooklyn (Yellow Pins)
Day 7: Queens (Dark Green Pins)

Check out my 100 best things to do NYC guide and add it to your 7 day New York City itinerary.

Things To Know Before You Visit New York City

  • You will be walking A LOT, so be sure to wear comfortable walking shoes. Even when I just walk around shopping in Manhattan I clock 15K steps a day, so if you are sightseeing all day, it will be at least 15,000 to 20,000 steps! I also only wear walking shoes, no heels or anything that’s even the slightest uncomfortable.
  • You should never drive to Manhattan, you will be frustrated by the traffic (and pedestrians) and you either won’t find parking, or you will be spending a fortune on parking garages. I only take the subway to Manhattan since driving in Manhattan really gives me a headache.
  • Locals take the subway, bus and sometimes taxi/ Uber/ Lyft around New York City, and that’s what you will most likely do as well
  • 18% (minimum) tip is expected at restaurants. It’s best to tip with cash, but you can always use credit card (you just add it to your bill and sign).
  • If you are from outside of the US, it’s best to get a eSim before arriving in NYC. There is now a free public internet service called LinkNYC in New York City, but it can be slow and unreliable.
  • Best Apps to Use in NYC: Uber & Lyft for car share services, Curb for taxi, CityMapper & Google Maps for subway and walking directions, Yelp for restaurant reviews, Bounce for luggage storage, Flush for finding bathrooms

How to get around New York City

There are 5 boroughs in NYC: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, and Staten Island. This one week NYC itinerary covers 3 out of the 5 boroughs.

Manhattan is on a grid system, that means the streets (runs east to west) intersect with the avenues (North to South) in a grid for the most part. This grid system makes navigating Manhattan relatively easy and straightforward.

  • Getting around NYC by subway or MTA bus: This is the easiest and most popular way to get around the city. You can use CityMapper app to get directions and exact train arrival time. Tickets costs $2.9 one way regardless of distance.

    You DO NOT need a 7 day MetroCard, simply tap and pay at the OMNY reader at the turnstile (anyone who tells you you need a 7 day MetroCard do not live in NYC as if you use the same credit card 12 times in a week, the rest of the rides are free)
  • Get Around NYC By Foot: most touristy places are within walking distance to each other so walking is the most convenient (and cheapest). You also get to find cute little streets you normally wouldn’t find if you take the cab or subway.
  • Get Around NYC By Bike: There are bike sharing services in New York City also called Citi Bike. You can purchase a day pass if you plan to use it just for one or two days. Check out the official Citi Bike website for more information.
  • Taxi, Uber, Lyft: You can wave down yellow cabs or use the Curb app (official taxis do not require you to have a car seat if you are traveling with children); Uber and Lyft are also popular for ride share.
  • Get Around NYC by Hop-on Hop-off Bus: These buses will take you to all the major attractions. This is worth it especially if you purchase one of the New York Pass or Sightseeing Day Pass since it is covered in those passes. The best hop on hop off buses in New York is the Big Bus Tour.
  • Take the NYC Ferry: If you are planning to travel between Brooklyn or Queens to Manhattan there are ferry services you can take. There are 6 ferry routes in New York City and you can see the routes on the official website.

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One Week (7 Day) New York City Itinerary in Detail

Day 1: Uptown Manhattan


Highlight of Day 1 (Maroon Pins):

  • Central Park
  • Museums (Guggenheim, the Met, or American Museum of Natural History)
  • 5th Avenue & surrounding attractions
  • Top of the Rock
  • Times Square
  • Broadway Show

Start your first day in Manhattan with the most famous attractions in Uptown Manhattan, this means streets above 59th but below 96th street.

Central Park

Take a morning stroll in Central Park, the most iconic park in New York City. Many locals go to Central Park to walk their dog or jog in the morning, especially in the summer and on the weekend. If you think about it, Central Park really is amazing since it occupies such a large area in an expensive city like New York City. Once you step into Central Park, you really feel like you’ve been transported to a different world, away from the hustling and bustling of the city.

Being a world class park means Central Park has a lot to offer, including:

  • A number of playgrounds
  • Central Park Zoo
  • Outdoor rink (which is transformed to a pickle ball field now)
  • A beautiful castle
  • Photogenic bridges
  • A variety of flowers and trees (I mean Central Park is known for its cherry blossoms after all)
  • A beautiful carousel (which costs $4 a ride a person)
  • Boats for rent
  • Running and walking paths

Many people come to Central Park for photoshoots in the morning, and some of the best photo spots in Central Park include:

  • The Mall
  • Bethesda Terrace & Fountain
  • The Boat House
  • Belvedere Castle
  • The Wollman Rink

If you want a photo shoot in Central Park for your Instagram then be sure to go really early (7am or earlier) to avoid people. Most wedding photographers go to Central Park early in the morning around 7am for this purpose.

Pedicab Tour & Biking Tour in Central Park

Pedicab tour is probably one of the best things you can do in Central Park as a first time visitor. Your guide will show you around the park and tell you about the history, apartments owned by famous people, film locations and other interesting facts and landmarks in the surrounding area. We did it when I first moved to NYC and it was definitely a highlight!

Book your pedicab tour here as they are quite popular.

If you are not a fan of pedicab tour, the Central Park biking tour is also a great option to learn more about the park. You get to bike around Central Park yourself following a licensed tour guide and learn about hidden gems and famous monuments in Central Park.

Book your Central Park biking tour here.

Best Time to Visit Central Park

Central Park is pretty any season of the year and you will see why.

  • In the spring go to Central Park to check out the amazing cherry blossom and Magnolias
  • In the summer there are free concerts and Shakespeare in the Park performance. Line up early in the morning (7am) to get tickets for an evening show
  • In the fall foliage is simply beautiful, especially at The Mall.
  • In the winter Central Park is beautiful after it snows. Right after it snows Central Park transforms into a winter wonderland.

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Visit Museums in Uptown Manhattan

There are a number of famous museums housed on both sides of Central Park. Metropolitan Museum and Guggenheim Museum are on the east side of Central Park whereas The American Museum of Natural History is on the west side of Central Park.

If you are an art lover then go to the MET or Guggenheim, and if you have kids or just like Natural History then consider heading west to the Natural History Museum. Check the museums’ website for ticket information. Some museums have “free” days/hours or pay what you want.

I highly recommend buying your tickets online ahead of time. I just recently went to the American Museum of Natural History with my parents who were visiting from out of town, and we waited 20 minutes to get in, and another 20 minutes to buy tickets.

One thing to mention is that there are way more museums in NYC than what I just mentioned. If you are looking for specialty museums then just simply do a Google search. Most of the museums would require at least a few hours of your day so plan your days accordingly.

Pro Tip: Many people don’t know this but the MET has a nice rooftop bar that’s open during the summer. Remember to look for it if you are visiting the MET in the summer.

Pro Tip 2: The American Museum of Natural History has a few really cool paid exhibits, such as the Invisible World and the Butterfly exhibit. I think they are totally worth paying for.

Tickets to most of NYC museums are covered by the New York Pass and New York Sightseeing Pass.

Walk Down 5th Avenue

Central Park spans from 5th Avenue to 8th Avenue so if you are on the west side you will end up on 8th Avenue otherwise known as Central Park West.

If you are on the East side of Central Park for museums, you can proceed to walk down the famous 5th Avenue, lined by fancy department stores, luxury hotels, designers shops, regular chain retailers, etc on both sides of the street.

Places worth stopping by on 5th Avenue in Manhattan:

  • Apple Store: the flagship store in Manhattan. The entire store is underground with the iconic glass entrance. This store opens 24 hours. Not sure why but I guess if you really need an iphone at 4am in the morning then you know where to go…
  • St. Patrick’s Cathedral: a beautiful and famous Roman Catholic Cathedral. You can book an audio tour to learn more about St. Patrick’s Cathedral. A tour is also part of the New York City Sightseeing Pass.
  • Saks Fifth Avenue: iconic department store in NYC. Famous for the brand as well as Christmas window displays
  • Rockefeller Center: right across from Saks, most famous for its observation deck (Top of the Rock), giant Christmas tree, ice skating rink in the winter and NBC studio. More on Top of the Rock below.
Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree New York

  • New York Public Library: Largest and most beautiful library in New York City. It was featured in the movie The Day After Tomorrow. The Rose Reading Room is the most beautiful room in the library but you need a free tour to visit unless you are planning to study in the room. You can also see the OG Winnie the Pooh collection at the library.
  • Bryant Park: one of my favorite parks in NYC. There are free concerts in the summer and a free ice skating rink and holiday market in the winter.

Stop by Top of the Rock

view from Rockefeller Center in the morning best new york pass

Top of the Rock is an observation deck on top of Rockefeller Center. It’s one of the most instagrammable spots in New York for good reason: it’s right in the middle of Manhattan.

You get the unobstructed view of Empire State Building and downtown Manhattan on one side of the observation deck and a view over Central Park on the other side. For this reason I always recommend people to visit this observation deck, especially during sunset.

However if you want to avoid the crowd, you have to go 9am in the morning (line up before 9am).

If you want to have a drink while having the amazing view, then instead of going to the observation deck, check out Bar SixtyFive aka the Rainbow Room at Rockefeller Center.

The bar opens around 5pm and closes at midnight. It’s 2 floors below Top of the Rock so you essentially get the same view but without the crazy crowd. There is also a terrace you can go to for the same view. Drinks are of course expensive at Bar SixtyFive but you are really there for the view and not the drinks.

In addition, there is a new attraction at the Top of the Rock, the Beam. The Beam costs extra but it allows you and your group of friends to recreate the iconic photo of people sitting on a beam high above the New York City skyline.

Top of the Rock tickets is covered in the New York Pass and New York Sightseeing Pass.

Times Square at Night

Times Square is the most (in)famous square in Manhattan. Everyone knows Times Square, the flashiest place in Manhattan! Locals actively avoid going to Times Square because it’s so crowded and full of tourists and scam artists. You, however, should definitely stop by Times Square and see for yourself.

Most of Times Square is between 42nd street and 49th street on 7th Avenue. There are a ton of shops here, but seriously, DO NOT EAT at Times Square, as it’s all touristy traps and chain restaurants (except maybe Los Tacos No.1).

There are also many scams and street artists at Times Square that want your money. If you see naked ladies with body paint, avoid taking photos or they will come at you asking for tips. If you see Mikey Mouse or Batman inviting you for a photo, avoid, because they will make you tip them.

See crazy people yelling at anyone and everyone? Avoid! See Chinese monks trying to give you a blessed “gold” piece of whatever? Avoid! All scams as real monks will never do that and it’s sketchy if they target anyone that’s not Asian.

Where to Eat Near Times Square: Hell’s Kitchen

Hell’s Kitchen has some of the best food in New York City in my opinion. Although historically a poor and high crime rate gangster neighborhood, Hell’s Kitchen has now transformed into a safe and popular neighborhood due to waves of gentrification.

  • Pio Pio (604 10th Ave, New York, NY 10036): A great Peruvian restaurant that’s very popular among locals. Order their chicken with the green sauce, Lomo Saltado and ceviche.
  • Pure Thai Cookhouse (766 9th Ave #2): Unlike regular Thai places, Pure Thai Cookhouse is very authentic (verified by my Thai friends) and offer unique menus. They are known for their noodles (not Pad Thai but other noodles that are actually authentic) so I recommend you try a few different dishes. Go early because the place is small and it’s usually an 1+ hour wait.
  • Totto Ramen (464 W 51st St or 366 W 52nd St): one of the best ramen places in New York City. There are two Totto Ramen locations in Hell’s Kitchen. Cash only.
  • Taboon (773 10th Ave, New York, NY 10019): a great Mediterranean spot in the heart of Hell’s Kitchen.
  • Ellen’s Stardust Diner (1650 Broadway, New York, NY 10019): I’ve never been here and I probably will never go, but I know this is SUPER popular with tourists, especially British tourists. It is expensive and food is not great based on what I hear, but people are definitely entertained by the singing and dancing.

Watch a Broadway Show

Depending on when dinner is (or you can always eat dinner after the show), a Broadway Show is a must for anyone visiting NYC. The only exception is that if you are from London, then I don’t think it’s worth it for you, as ticket prices are most expensive than the theatre shows at West End.

You can get discounted Broadway Show ticket at TKS booth at Times Square or you can also try to enter the lottery for some of the shows at

If you don’t want to watch a Broadway Show, there are a ton of other off Broadway and off off Broadway shows in New York.

These are less famous and much cheaper but a good time regardless. One show called Drunk Shakespeare was recommended to me and it’s supposed to be really funny. You can check that out too if you have time.

Day 2: Lower Manhattan


Highlights of Day 2 (Orange Pins)

  • Wall Street
  • New York Stock Exchange
  • 911 Memorial & Museum
  • The Oculus
  • Statue of Liberty (Tour or Free Staten Island Ferry)
  • Washington Square Park
  • Greenwich Village for dinner

You will be exploring downtown Manhattan on your second day in New York City.

Where is downtown Manhattan you ask. Generally areas south of 14th Street is considered Lower Manhattan. Downtown may also mean the Financial District otherwise known as Fidi by locals.

Financial District

Start your day exploring the Financial District of Manhattan, famous for Wall Street and the New York Stock Exchange. This area used to have a lot of banks and financial institutions but many have moved to midtown or Hudson Yards in recent years.

Instead a lot of residential apartments are being converted from offices in Fidi and rent is a bit cheaper than midtown Manhattan since it’s further away and there aren’t not as many restaurants or bars in Fidi.

Visiting Wall Street in the morning will give you a sense of what it’s like to live and work in New York. There are also many tours on Wall Street early in the morning so it’s very lively.

Christmas tree in NYC financial district

The Wall Street Charging Bull is a symbol of Walk Street except it’s not actually on Wall Street. See above for the map of the Wall Street Bull. Just be warned that unless you go super early in the morning, the Charging Bull is probably going to be super packed (like the photo below).

New York City Itinerary | The crowd around the Charging Bull in Financial District in NYC

Wall Street Tour

In my experience, it may be worth it to take a Wall Street tour to understand why certain buildings are significant. Just by looking at the buildings from the outside you really don’t get too much out of it without understanding why these buildings are important and the various stories behind each building and statue.

Book your Wall Street Tour here.

911 Memorial & Museum and One World Trade Center

After you finish checking out Wall Street, head north west (10 min walk) to 911 Memorial & Museum, the most sobering place in Manhattan.

The Memorial was built on where the Twin Towers used to be before they collapsed during the 911 Terrorist Attack. Every Sep 11 two tribute lights go up symbolizing the fallen towers.

If you want to learn more about the history of the 9/11 attacks, you can visit the Museum. There are photos and recordings from the day of the terrorist attack. Most people spend at least 1-2 hours at the museum and it really is an amazing museum to check out.

New York City itinerary: 911 Memorial

Now there is a new building called One World Trade Center, the tallest building in North America. There is an observation deck in One World that you can check out and has an amazing view of Manhattan and New Jersey across the Hudson River. You can read my complete review of the One World Observatory.

One World Observation Deck and 911 Memorial Museum are covered in the New York Pass.

Gawk at the Beautiful Oculus

The Oculus is a new transportation Hub and shopping center designed by the Spanish Designer Santiago Calatrava. It costed about 4 billion dollars to build and now it’s one of the premier shopping centers and a subway station.

The Oculus is right next to World Trade Center so you don’t need to walk far and you will recognize its white exterior pretty easily. If you are coming from One World Observatory, you will be able to access the Oculus inside.

The Oculus NYC itinerary Lower Manhattan

The Oculus is one of the very few subway stations that actually has AC (yes AC is rare in subway stations so good luck if you are visiting in the summer. During the summer it was 90F outside and 105F in the subway station).

Many people come to the Oculus also to take Instagram photos since the building is completely white and the design is very unique.

Mercer Labs

A new interactive art experience opened up in 2024 right across from the Oculus called Mercer Labs. I thought it’s actually one of the best interactive digital art experiences in the city. There are several rooms that you can visit, and you will be engaged with all your senses.

While this is not typically on a first time visitor’s radar, I think it is something you should definitely consider if you have time.

Statue of Liberty

If you are already in downtown Manhattan, you may be interested in a tour of Statue of Liberty, one of the symbols of New York City.

There are different types of ticket to see the Statue of Liberty ranging from grounds only to the crown. See more details from the official cruise company I linked above.

Do book your Statue of Liberty tickets way in advance if you want to go up the statue because they tend to sell out months in advance.

Statue of Liberty (Ground tour) is also covered as part of the New York Explorer Pass.

Be aware of unauthorized tour operators. One of my friends were approached by these “illegal” operators offering a tour to the Statue of Liberty for cheaper. Only after purchasing tickets did they realize the “tour” was driving them to New Jersey to get on a sketchy boat, and they lost a few hours in total.

View of Statue of Liberty from Governor's Island, a NYC itinerary
View of Statue of Liberty from Governor’s Island

If you just want to see the Statue of Liberty instead of doing a whole tour then either take the free Staten Island Ferry (will pass by the statue) or go to Governor’s Island (summer only) and you will be able to see the Statue of Liberty from the island.

Riding a bike on Governor's Island with view of Manhattan
Governor’s Island

Check Out Washington Square Park & Greenwich Village

After spending half a day in the Financial District, it’s time to move north west (subway or bus) to visit the trendy Greenwich Village. Greenwich Village, otherwise known as “the village” by New Yorkers, is one of the most sought-after neighborhoods in Manhattan.

a girl in a red dress sitting on the fountain with the Washington Square Park arch in the background

New York University and the New School both have campus buildings in the Village so there are a lot of young people in this area.

One of the most famous attraction in Greenwich Village is Washington Square Park. If you go there later during the day or all day on the weekend the park becomes very lively with street performance and students walking around and chilling. It’s a prime spot for people watching and I’ve seen protests during the day and people proposing there at night.

What to do and eat in Greenwich Village

There are a ton of restaurants in Greenwich Village, some of my favorite include Saigon Shack, Minetta Tavern, The Boil, Alta, etc. If you can’t decide just take a stroll on MacDougal Street and pick. Or you can hop over west to West Village to eat.

Many people go to the Comedy Cellar to catch a comedy show. There are other comedy clubs in Greenwich Village such as the Greenwich Village Comedy Club.

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Day 3: Downtown & Midtown Manhattan


Highlights of Day 3 (Purple Pins)

  • Brunch and shopping in Soho
  • Museum of Ice Cream or Inter_IAM
  • Flatiron Building + Eataly
  • Empire State Building
  • Herald Square (& Macy’s)
  • Korea Town for Dinner

Brunch and shopping in Soho

Getting brunch is like the most New York thing you can do, especially on the weekend. Soho happens to be one of the best places to get brunch, shop and feel trendy.

Some of my favorite brunch spots in Soho include Balthazar, Jane, Jack’s Wife Freda and Shuka. You can also just get a bagel and coffee in Soho since there are so many coffee shops.

Check out my guide on NYC Brunch and the prettiest floral coffee shops in NYC.

Besides getting brunch you should also spend a couple of hours to walk around Soho. There are both chain retailers and designer boutiques in Soho. Broadway is where you will find all the chain retail stores like Uniqlo, Aritzia, etc.

But venture off to the side streets and West Broadway for designer boutiques and cute shops. Many instagrammers come to Soho to take their fashion shoots since the buildings are nice together with the cobble stoned streets.

Some of the cutest streets in Soho include:

  • W Broadway
  • Thomson St
  • Sullivan St
  • Mott St. and Mulberry St. can be cute north of Prince St (if you go south, it’s Chinatown, and it’s a completely different vibe)

If you are craving sweets then walk west to find Dominique Ansel’s bakery, famous for its Cronut even though I like their Cookie Shot much more. If you want some macaron then you absolutely have to stop by Laduree, especially during cherry blossom season as they have a backyard that is filled with the pink cherry blossom trees (usually blooming the third week of April).

Other super cute spots you need to check out in Soho include:

  • Bibliotheque: It is a cafe (with books) during the day and a bar at night
  • Feste: The store front is super cute and festive, but the inside has interesting goods as well. It is also attached to a restaurant
  • McNally Jackson Books: I love books and this bookstore is one of my favorites in the city
  • Sweet Rehab: This is another really cute French dessert spot in the area
  • Cafe Lyria: This trendy cafe is known for its interior design as well as its Tiktok Viral coffee

Immersive (and Fun) Art Experiences in Soho

Soho has no shortage of fun interactive art exhibits, from ice creams to colors to digital displays.

The three most popular “art” experiences in Soho include:

  • Museum of Ice Cream: A museum dedicated to ice creams. As you go through several colorful rooms, you will also get a chance to eat free ice cream. This place is also full of photo opportunities, and includes a ball pit and even swings.
  • Color Factory: Another colorful art museum dedicated to colors. Again, this place is more set up for instagram with cute photo opportunities and a ball pit as well.
  • Inter_IAM: This digital art museum uses the latest technology to create an out of this world experience. This museum includes a series of experiences that are good for both adults and kids.


After you are done with Soho, take the W or R train uptown to 23rd street to the Flatiron District.

NYC Flatiron building

Once you get out of the subway station you will find the iconic Flatiron Building, Eataly (famous Italian themed market and restaurants), and the original Shake Shack in Madison Square Park.

I do suggest you check out Eataly (the most famous Italian market and food hall) just to have a feel or have a late lunch there. However if you are going to Eataly on the weekend then expect crowds and a wait.

Besides Eataly, you will find a Lego store as well as Harry Potter store at Flatiron. Personally I would recommend visiting the larger Lego Store near Rockefeller Center, but the Harry Potter store is quite impressive and cool. This multi-story store sells anything Harry Potter related, from wands to books to the food mentioned in the books!

Harry potter store in New York City

Empire State Building

You can either take the R or W train up to 34th Street Herald Square or walk up Broadway to 34th street for the Empire State Building.

Empire State Building observation deck is the OG observation deck in New York. The observation deck covers a few different floors, with the outdoor observatory on the 86th floor and an optional (extra charge) indoor observatory on the 102nd floor.

Besides views, you will also learn a lot about the Empire State Building and the history behind it from the interactive display throughout your visit. There are also a lot of photo opportunities at the Empire State Building.

Check out my detailed guide to the Empire State Building Observatory to see what you can see and experience there.

Going up the Empire State is almost a must for anyone visiting New York for the first time.

Empire State Building ticket is also covered by the New York Sightseeing Pass.

Besides the Empire State Building, there is also a Harry Potter experience called The Exhibition. This is different from the Harry Potter store in Flatiron, as this is more experience based and you can pretend you are in the movie somewhat.

If you do feel like shopping then the good news is 34th Street has a ton of shops like Zara, Forever 21, H&M among others. The iconic Macy’s flagship store is also at Herald Square.

Christmas in NYC Macys Believe Sign and the most instagramm

During the holiday season Macy’s has a giant “Believe” sign on its building and a very festive Christmas themed windows display. There is also the annual tradition of Santaland that starts on Black Friday (after Thanksgiving) and goes through Christmas Eve. Families can visit the magical Santaland and take photos with Santa at the end of the visit.

Read my complete guide to how to visit Santaland at Macy’s.

There is also a Toys R Us store on the 7th floor of Macy’s with interactive play areas, making Macy’s the perfect stop for families with kids.

Manhattan’s Korea Town is also near Empire State Building. The main K-town area is concentrated on 32nd street between Broadway and 5th Avenue. There you will fine a ton of Korean restaurants, Karaoke bars, pool, beer pong, etc.

Where to Eat in K-Town

You will have dinner in K Town since I think it has some of the best food in Manhattan. Places I would recommend include:

  • Jongro: one of the most popular Korean BBQ in Manhattan
  • Woorijip: a quick grab and go Korean fast meal, with a large variety of food
  • Her Name is Han: Untraditional Korean place in the sense that it has some of its own unique dishes not seen in other places. You can also find dishes that you are familiar with
  • BCD Tofu House: Everyone in NYC knows BCD Tofu House, as it is a stable in K Town. Their tofu soup is delicious but I also love the small dishes (and fried fish) they give you
  • Pocha 32: This is more of a drinking spot than a restaurant, but you can also get Korean food along with their famous watermelon soju
  • Nana’s Green Tea: Known for their matcha soft serve and matcha parfait. I really love their parfait, as it reminds me of the ones I got in Japan

Honestly there are so many great restaurants and new ones keep opening up it’s hard for me to keep track!

Day 4 : Lower Manhattan & Mid Town Manhattan


Highlights of Day 4 (Black Pins)

  • West Village
  • Whitney Museum
  • Chelsea Market
  • Little Island & Pier 57
  • The Gransevoort Beach
  • High Line
  • Hudson Yards
  • Grand Central
  • Summit One

West Village

Start your day 4 in New York with a nice brunch in West Village. There are a few cute places I mentioned in my NYC Brunch blog.

West Village is a very nice neighborhood and one of the areas I wish I could afford to live in! It actually reminds me a lot about Europe with the cute cafes and restaurants with outdoor seating in the summer. There are a few nice ice cream places too as mentioned on my NYC ice cream blog.

If you are a fan of Sex and the City or Friends then you would love West Village. Both apartments are located in the West Village.

There are also a ton of cute restaurants, brunch spots, and coffee shops in the West Village that you can check out, namely:

  • Postcard: This Japanese cafe is known for its strawberry cream sandwiches and strawberry matcha latte
  • Rosecrans Florist & Cafe: This is one of my favorite flower cafes in New York City. You can’t use a laptop inside but it’s so nice to grab a cup of coffee and sit among flowers.
  • Do Not Feed Alligators: This coffee shop is pretty trendy and it has a little courtyard in the back, which is rare for Manhattan
  • Magnolia Bakery: You gotta get the banana pudding, that’s it.

Whitney Museum

If you are interested in contemporary American art then stop by the Whitney Museum. It has a great collection of paintings, photography, drawing, sculpture, etc. There is also a nice rooftop restaurant at the Whitney Museum with a nice view of the High Line and downtown Manhattan.

Whitney Museum is also part of New York Sightseeing Pass.

Chelsea Market

Chelsea Market is not too far from the Whitney Museum on the west side of Manhattan and is one of the best food markets in New York City.

Chelsea Market in New York City

Although touristy, there are some good places in Chelsea Market. One of the best places to eat in Chelsea Market is Los Tacos No.1 (the same one at Times Square). There is usually a long (but fast moving) line at Los Tacos No.1 but it’s seriously so good. Get the beef taco or pork taco!

Photo of inside Chelsea Market in New York City at Los Tacos no.1

There are plenty of other vendors at Chelsea Market, another popular place is the Sea food market known for their lobster tail and oysters. There are also shops and pop up stores at Chelsea Market. Plan at least 1-1.5 hours there.

Little Island & Pier 57

Little Island and Pier 57 are one of the newest attractions on the west side of Manhattan.

NYC Travel Guide Little Island

Located only a couple of blocks away from Chelsea Market, Little Island is a popular public park and event space. It is free to visit and many families and photographers love visiting Little Island for photos and free events.

Pier 57 Food Hall in NYC
Pier 57 Food hall

Pier 57 is the newest food hall that opened in New York City, about a block away from Little Island. There are 16 food vendors in Pier 57 market and there is a 2 acre 2 level rooftop at Pier 57 that is also free to visit.

If you have time or you still want more food, it’s worth it to stop by Little Island and Pier 57.

You can check out my complete guide to Pier 57.

The Gransevoort Beach

Beach in Manhattan NYC

Did you know that Manhattan has a beach?? In October 2023 Manhattan opened its first public beach. It is located right next to Little Island, across from the Whitney Museum.

You cannot swim in the water but there are sand, lounge chairs and a beautiful view of downtown Manhattan and New Jersey.

High Line Park

After visiting Little Island and Pier 57, continue on to the High Line. Used to be a railway, the High Line now is a park and tourist attraction. It’s nice to walk on it on a nice day but expect crowds on the weekend.

the High line view New York City

The entire High Line is actually quite long, up to 30th something street. You don’t need to walk the entire High Line to enjoy it, even walking up 10-15 blocks is a good amount.

The High Line Park in Meat Packing

There are also plenty of places to sit and relax at the High Line. Many people love taking photos of the streets from the High Line.

You can actually walk all the way down the High Line to reach Hudson Yards, one of the hottest places to visit in Manhattan now.

Now that the High Line is completed, at the Genesis store near Hudson Yards, there are always some type of free exhibit or light show/ flower show. If you are planning to walk on the Highline to Hudson Yards, then be sure to stop by.

Hudson Yards & Edge

Hudson Yards is one of the trendiest place for shopping and dining in NYC due to its development in the recent few days. A lot of companies also moved to Hudson Yards so the real estate price in Hudson Yards have skyrocketed in recent years.

One of the most famous structures at Hudson Yards is the Vessel. You used to be able to visit the Vessel at Hudson Yards. Unfortunately due to a series of suicide events at the Vessel, visitors are no longer allowed to go up the Vessel, but it’s still pretty to look at from afar.

The Vessel at Hudson Yards
The Vessel

If you are visiting Manhattan in the winter, Hudson Yards has millions of lights for the holiday decorations. I highly suggest you stop by for a visit.

hudson Yards Xmas Lights

The famous Little Spain Mercado (food hall with Spanish food) is downstairs from the mall. Food there should satisfy your Spanish food craving!

In the recent year or two, there are a ton of new observation decks that opened up. One of the most popular observation deck is the Edge at Hudson Yards.

The Edge, Hudson Yards

I personally visited the Edge and it had an amazing view of New York City and New Jersey.

You will need to book tickets ahead of time online (sunset time is $10 more). You will have to choose a time slot although I don’t think they really enforced the ending time that much (we did not get kicked out).

Photo of downtown New York City during sunset from Edge Observation Deck

The Edge can get very crowded, especially on the weekends and during sunset hours.

The Edge is also covered as part of the New York Sightseeing Pass.

Bryant Park & Grand Central Station

If you didn’t already visit Bryant Park on Day 1 then you should today. You can take the 7 train directly from Hudson Yards to Bryant Park (the stop is 5th Avenue).

During the winter Bryant Park has a large Holiday market and a free ice skating rink (you need to pay for rentals). There are also a lot of food stalls and shops at Bryant Park in the winter.

In the summer there are outdoor concerts and yoga in the park. Bryant Park is a really nice place to just sit around, chill and people watch.

Read my Complete Guide on Bryant Park Winter Village.

Once you are on 42nd Street, you can either take the train or walk East to Grand Central, the most famous and photographed train station in New York. Many people come here for their engagement shoot but be warned it’s very busy and crowded especially on the weekend.

The architecture at Grand Central is very pretty though and worth stopping for a quick photo.

There are some shops at Grand Central and the most noteworthy one is Magnolia Bakery (made famous by Sex and the City but get the Banana Pudding instead of the cupcakes) and Apple Store. There is also a “hidden” bar in Grand Central Station.

SUMMIT One Vanderbilt

SUMMIT One opened at the end of October 2021 and it is the newest observation deck in New York City.

Before SUMMIT One opened, I thought it was probably going to just be like the other observatories in New York City but I was wrong. SUMMIT One is completely different, it is innovative and it is beautiful.

Most of the rooms at SUMMIT One are made with glass, and there is also a room full of balloons. Even though most of SUMMIT One is indoors, there is also an outdoor deck allowing you to get amazing view of the entire Manhattan as well as some parts of Queens, Brooklyn and New Jersey. I absolutely love SUMMIT One and that’s why I went back twice.

Read my complete guide on SUMMIT One Vanderbilt.

After Summit One, you can either eat at the food court near Grand Central, or find a nice restaurant nearby (just don’t go to Times Square to eat).

Day 5: Brooklyn Bridge & Lower Manhattan


Highlights of Day 5 (Light Green Pins):

  • Brooklyn Bridge
  • Chinatown & Little Italy
  • Lower East Side
  • East Village

Brooklyn Bridge & DUMBO

Start your day in Brooklyn to see the famous Brooklyn Bridge (and Manhattan Bridge).

Even though you can technically go to the Manhattan side of Brooklyn Bridge, but I honestly recommend walking TOWARDS Manhattan from Brooklyn so you can get the nice downtown Manhattan skyline view the entire walk.

Before you start your walk, grab coffee first from % Arabica, a trendy coffee shop with the view of Brooklyn Bridge. After which, you can walk towards Jane’s Carousel, a beautiful indoor carousel with the view of the bridge and the skyline.

Dumbo iconic shot of Manhattan Bridge in Brooklyn for Instagram spots in NYC

If you are adventurous, you can walk west toward Brooklyn Bridge Park, which gives you an even closer view of downtown Manhattan. You can also see Statue of Liberty from Brooklyn Bridge Park. However, I generally stay around the carousel area east of the park since it leads to another photo spot…..The Manhattan Bridge!

You can search “Dumbo – Manhattan Bridge View” on Google Maps and you can find it. This street is literally full of people taking the Instagram photo of Manhattan Bridge, but it is also on the way to Stairs to the Brooklyn Bridge.

Once you are on the stairs, it takes about 45 minutes to walk across Brooklyn Bridge, baking in some photo time.

Don’t feel comfortable exploring on your own? Check out this Brooklyn Bridge and Dumbo Guided Walking Tour to explore this trendy neighborhood.

NYC Chinatown & Little Italy

After you get off Brooklyn Bridge on the Manhattan side, you can either walk or take the subway to Chinatown.

Manhattan Chinatown is one of the tourist attractions where locals actually shop and eat at. There is really no street food in Chinatown but some of the most popular places to eat in Chinatown include Jing Fong (dim sum), Joe’s Shanghai, and Canal Street Market.

NYC Chinatown street with lanterns

Unfortunately during the pandemic a number of famous and historical restaurants have closed down (but there are new ones popping up as well).

NYC Chinatown shops

They are starting to have many cute cafes in Chinatown like Keki Modern Cake and Sweet Moments so use Yelp to find the ones that interest you. I recently ate at Round K by Sol, a Korean fusion brunch place which was really good. They are known for their fried chicken sandwich, K Party Toast and their coffee drinks.

K party Toast and coffee at Round K by Sol in Chinatown New York City - Things to eat and do in New York City

If you love Italian food and bakeries, then you should also check out Little Italy, which is just north of China Town. You can find shops that sell Cannolis and other Italian sweets and of course pizza and pasta!

Best Tours to Take in China Town and Little Italy

If you are a foodie and want to find the best places to eat, then you would love this Chinatown and Little Italy Food Tour. During the tour you will get the chance to try some of the most iconic food in these two neighborhoods. Book your food tour here.

Don’t want food? No worries. This 2 hour tour of Chinatown, Little Italy and Soho will some of the most iconic places in these 3 neighborhoods and the history behind them. Book your walking tour here.

Explore Lower East Side

Slightly east of Chinatown is an area called Lower East Side. To be honest this is not my favorite area if it’s not for the food. Actually the only reason I go to the LES is to get food.

Some of the most famous New York City eateries are actually located in the Lower East Side, such as Katz’s Delicatessen and Russ & Daughters a block over. Are these overhyped? I don’t think so. As a local I actually enjoy the locks from Russ & Daughters and the pastrami sandwiches from Katz’s. One word of caution though, these sandwiches are HUGE, two people can just share one!

There are a few other spots I really like in LES:

  • Supermoon Bakehouse: super trendy and innovative bakery!
  • Davelle: a cute Japanese cafe known for their toasts
  • Beauty & Essex: one of the most popular brunch spots in NYC with a cool atmosphere. People also like to go there for dinner

Food is not on your mind? It’s ok, I get it, especially if you just did a food tour in Chinatown/ Little Italy. If you are into photos, then I’m going to give you a really cool spot to check out that most tourists do not know about: Pier 35.

Pier 35 is a new recreational area along the East River with a nice view of Manhattan Bridge and Brooklyn. What’s special about this spot is that they installed several swings facing the view. People love coming here to chill, read a book or just enjoy the view.

Dinner in the East Village

Hopefully all that walking works up your appetite because you will be having dinner in the East Village. Again, East Village is not really a touristy area but it is one of my favorite areas to eat. You will see a ton of college students here since the NYU dorm is only a couple of blocks away. I also used to live around the East Village so I know that area super well.

IF you want, you can find pizza and burgers and hotdogs there, but if you are open to trying some authentic Asian food, then you are in luck. East Village has a ton of authentic Japanese, Chinese and Vietnamese restaurants and cafes.

Some of my personal favorites in the East Village include:

  • Mountain House: authentic spicy Chinese food
  • Che Li Manhattan: authentic Shanghai style Chinese food
  • Kenka: chill Japanese izakaya restaurant
  • Hanoi House: my favorite Vietnamese pho spot in Manhattan
  • Apollo Bagel: not really a restaurant for dinner but if you happen to visit during the day, line up for their crispy bagel, super yummy
  • Cha-An: authentic Japanese dessert spot and tea house
  • Lady Wong: trendy Southeast Asian dessert shop

Day 6: Explore Brooklyn


Places to Explore in Brooklyn (Yellow Pins):

  • Williamsburg
  • Green Point
  • Bushwick
  • Dyker Heights (holiday nights only)
  • Brooklyn Botanical Garden (best during cherry blossoms at the end of April)

New York City is not just Manhattan and to fully experience NYC you should explore some of the other boroughs.

Brooklyn is one of the most trendy and gentrified areas in New York City. It used to be much cheaper to live in Brooklyn but now rent prices have gone up significantly in parts of Brooklyn and some people even moved back to Manhattan. I’ll list below a few areas you can visit in Brooklyn but you probably won’t have time to do it all.


Williamsburg is perhaps one of the most popular areas in Brooklyn for young and artsy people.

There used to be a lot of artists that moved to this area but now it’s become prime real estate since it has a beautiful view of Manhattan and is only one stop on the L Train from Manhattan.

In the summer time there is an outdoor food market called Smorgasburg by the waterfront in Williamsburg where you can get different food from over 30 vendors (like BBQ, ice cream, drinks, Asian street food, sandwiches, etc).

You can also visit a couple of rooftop bars in Williamsburg such as West Light and Wythe hotel, Donuts shops like Du’s Donuts & Coffee, Burger joints like Mister Dips, cute cafes and shops. It’s really nice to just walk around Williamsburg and the waterfront.

Nippon Cha Williamsburg

Other noteworthy restaurants and cafes in Williamsburg include Nippon Cha (if you want Japanese matcha drinks and desserts), Rule of Thirds for Japanese fusion cuisine and a ton of floral cafes that are good for the eye and soul.

Rule of Thirds Williamsburg
Rule of Thirds

Green Point

Located just north of Williamsburg and right across the bridge from Long Island City, Green Point is another trendy Brooklyn neighborhood that 20s and 30s year olds flock to.

There are a number of really cute (and popular) cafes and brunch spots, with Bakeri and Cafe Alula as an example.


Another trendy area in Brooklyn is Bushwick, known for its murals collection. There is also a famous pizzeria in Bushwick called Roberta’s.

Bushwick Brooklyn Mural collection | New York City itinerary and things to do

If you are limited on time, I wouldn’t go to Bushwick as it’s a bit of a hike to get there. If you do have time then it’s worth checking it out and eat some good Pizza. In case you haven’t noticed, Brooklyn has a lot of good pizza!

Dyker Heights (Night Time During the Holidays Only)

Dyker Heights Christmas decorations | how to get to Dyker Heights by yourself

If you are visiting New York City during the holidays , one area you must see in Brooklyn is Dyker Heights.

Traditionally an Italian neighborhood, Dyker Heights is famous for its crazy Christmas decorations on million dollar mansions. You will be dazzled by all the lights and think you are in a Christmas movie. Go at night obviously when the lights are on, expect crowds on the weekend.

Dyker Heights is a bit of a hike to get to from Manhattan. There is an express bus you can take from 5th Avenue but in my opinion it’s best to visit in a Uber or a car or with a tour. There is also no bathrooms around so be prepared!

If you don’t have a car, a tour to Dyker Heights is also covered by the New York Sightseeing Pass.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden For Cherry Blossom

Brooklyn Botanic Garden Picnic under the cherry blossom in NYC

Every year in late April there is a cherry blossom festival in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden (BBG).

BBG has a promenade lined by cherry blossom trees so it really is amazing to visit during that time of the year. Check the official website for the bloom update.

BBG Cherry Blossom in New York

I highly recommend that you go really early (when they first open) or go one hour before sunset during the weekday. During peak cherry blossom season (mid to late April), Brooklyn Botanic Garden opens till 8pm at night.

It gets REALLY crowded on the weekends during the cherry blossom season. So if you want good photos then you really should not go on the weekend. The photos above were taken on a Wednesday evening at 7pm.

What To Eat in Brooklyn

There are a lot of good restaurants in Brooklyn, here are some of my favorite:

Di Fara: Amazing pizza deep in Brooklyn. Get the square pie and go early (we went before they opened and ended up waiting an hour for the pie). Unfortunately the famous owner passed away.

Roberta’s: Famous pizza in Bushwick. Very casual place, has a lot of seating

Smorgasburg: food market, lots of variety, check website for hours and location since it changed depends on the season

St. Anselm: good but cheap steakhouse. Usually long wait but there is a bar next door

Win Son: trendy Taiwanese restaurant

Lilia: great Italian spot in Williamsburg

Peter Luger: perhaps the most famous steakhouse in NYC, reservation required especially for dinner and weekends. Cash only.

Day 7: Queens or Manhattan


Places to Explore in Queens (Dark Green Pins)

  • Roosevelt Island (technically still Manhattan)
  • Gantry Plaza Park
  • Astoria
  • Jackson Heights
  • Flushing
  • US Open in Queens

You can either spend the last day of your 7 day New York Itinerary in Manhattan to see things you haven’t seen or explore Queens, one of the largest boroughs in New York City.

Queens is known for diverse immigrant neighborhoods and great international food.

Roosevelt Island

Technically in Manhattan, Roosevelt Island is a small island off Manhattan that offers great views of the Manhattan skyline.

You can either take the F train or a Tram there. The tram is actually an experience itself since you will be crossing the East River from above.

Roosevelt Island Tram over Manhattan

Local’s Pro Tip: The Tram from Manhattan to Roosevelt Island can be really crowded especially during cherry blossom season and spring break. It’s better to take the tram from Roosevelt Island to Manhattan if you just want the experience.

Roosevelt Island Cherry Walk

During the spring months there is usually a lot of cherry blossom on Roosevelt Island. It’s also one of photographers’ favorite spots to get sunset and night shots of Manhattan.

Roosevelt Island with Bridge View

There are 3 different types of cherry blossoms, the white ones bloom during early to mid April and the dark pink ones bloom during mid to late April.

Local’s Pro Tip: Visit early morning during the week to avoid crowds during cherry blossom season.

The photos above were taken at 8am on a Monday morning.

Gantry Plaza Park

If you want another great spot for the Manhattan view as well as the iconic Pepsi sign, then Gantry Plaza Park in Long Island City is for you. There are a lot of restaurants and shops near Gantry Plaza Park (after you get off the subway). The park itself is located in a rather residential area.

Long Island City Sign

During cherry blossom season in early to mid April, the park near Gantry Plaza called Hunter’s Point South Park is known for its beautiful cherry blossoms. So if you are here during that time, be sure to stop by!

Other Areas of Queens and What They Are Known For


Astoria is an area in Queens by the water not too far from Long Island City. Known for its Greek influence, you can find some is the best Greek food in Astoria. My favorite restaurant is Taverna Kyclades. There is an East Village location also) but even at 5pm there is a long wait already.

Jackson Heights

A transportation hub, Jackson Heights is a multi-cultural neighborhood in Queens. Most famous for South American, Indian, Nepali and Tibetan restaurants. A couple of my favorite restaurants in Jackson Heights include Lhasa Fast Food, Himalaya Yuk and 969 Cafe (Japanese Cafe). Did I mention that food is generally cheaper in Queens?


Flushing is pretty much the Chinatown and Korean Town of Queens.

flushing NYC food New York itinerary

Conveniently located off the 7 Train, you can find the most authentic Chinese food in Flushing (Especially Sichuan and Northern Chinese food).

There are so many food courts in Flushing that you can literally eat a meal for less than $10 – $15 (depends on what you get).

If you want fancier restaurants in Flushing, head to Tangram, one of the newest shopping and dining center in Flushing. There are bubble team, food court, hot pot and other nice restaurants in the mall.

Watch a Baseball Game in Queens

If you are a baseball fan then come to City Fields for a Mets baseball game in Flushing.

Mets game in NYC

Watch the US Open in Queens

If you are a tennis fan then you can potentially watch the US Open in the stadium in Flushing early September (assuming you can get tickets). From what I remember tickets are not very expensive for first rounds and it is quite fun to walk around from court to court.

US open in NYC

Best Places to Stay in New York City

I will write a more detailed guide on where to stay in New York City but a short summary below.

Herald Square or Times Square

Considered “mid-town” in NYC, both Herald Square and Times Square are very convenient for first time New York visitors because many subway lines stop at these two stations and you can walk to major tourist sites like Empire State, Times Square, Rockefeller Center. However most locals avoid these areas because it’s always so busy, crowded and loud.

Personally, if I have to choose between Herald Square vs. Times Square, I would choose Herald Square. I am personally not a fan of Times Square and the Penn Station area.

Best Hotels to Stay in Mid-town: POD Times Square or Hyatt Herald Square.

Central Park Area

Central Park area is considered uptown and you can either stay at Upper West (west of Central Park), Upper East or Centra Park South. Central Park area is more quiet but has access to 1 or 2 subway lines. It’s a bit far from the rest of the items on your New York Itinerary but New York Subway goes everywhere.

Best Hotels to Stay near Central ParkThe Quin Central Park or Concorde Hotel.

Nomad/ Flatiron Area

The Nomad and Flatiron Area is the area south of Herald Square (Empire State Building) down to the Flatiron Building (23rd street). More quiet than Times Square and Herald Square but still quite Central with good subway access. This is close to Eataly and Shake Shack if that helps to make your decision. 

Best Hotels to Stay near FlatironRoyalton Park Ave or Arlo Nomad.

Royalton Park Ave Best Hotel in New York City
Rooftop of Royalton Park Ave

Lower East Side

If you like food then Lower East Side is the area for you to stay. Walking distance to great food and Chinatown, LES has it all. However subway is a bit more limited but there are tons of buses. One of my favorite rooftop bars in New York City is in Lower East Side/ China Town called the Crown. Drinks are meh but the view is amazing.

Best Places to Stay in Lower East SideCitizenM or Hotel Richland LES

The Crown rooftop bar Manhattan sunset
The Crown rooftop Bar

Financial District

Financial District has gotten more popular in recent years as more office buildings have been converted to apartments. Cheaper than mid town Manhattan, Financial District is a great option to explore lower Manhattan as well as the Statue of Liberty.

Best Places to Stay in Fidi: The Beekman or Millennium Hilton.

Honestly if you are staying close to a subway station in Manhattan you can’t really go wrong with any area. The only exception is if you stay very west or very east near the water. Subways generally don’t run there and you will need to walk a lot!

Just a note on Airbnbs or hostels in New York City: they are illegal. Well maybe not strictly regarding Airbnb but you won’t really find that many airbnbs or hostels in New York City especially in Manhattan.

I think there are some rules on who can rent out their residential property as Airbnbs in NYC. This is why you probably will find more hotels in NYC compare to other forms of accommodation.

Travel Insurance for New York City

I always get travel insurance before any trip as you never know what could happen (hiking injuries, theft, flight delays, lost baggages, etc) and you don’t want to end up paying for everything out of pocket.

In addition if you are not from the US, you probably don’t have American medical insurance. Medical costs are extremely expensive in the US, a trip to the ER can easily cost you $1000 (if you get an ambulance, that’s another $1000).

To get that peace of mind and not worry about all these unfortunately things from ruining your trip, you should consider getting travel insurance.

I usually get World Nomads or Safety Wing since they are very well reviewed. We had a terrible experience during our honeymoon in New Zealand without insurance so after that I’ve learned to always get travel insurance before my trips, especially hiking trips!

Get your peace of mind! Purchase World Nomads or Safety Wing now!

World Nomads provides travel insurance for travellers in over 100 countries. As an affiliate, we receive a fee when you get a quote from World Nomads using this link. We do not represent World Nomads. This is information only and not a recommendation to buy travel insurance.

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