50 Unique and Awesome Brooklyn Themed Gifts for Brooklyn (NY) Lovers

Are you a fan of Brooklyn or know someone who is? This gift guide will show you some awesome and cool Brooklyn themed gifts.

Brooklyn is one of the most famous boroughs in New York City; in fact it is so famous that it is now a brand by itself.

Brooklyn has a very long history and at one time it was an independent city until January 1, 1898, when it officially became a borough of New York City.

Brooklyn is the most populated borough in New York City and if Brooklyn were still an independent city, it would be the third most populated city in the US, after LA and Chicago. This just shows you how large and important Brooklyn is.

With its long and very interesting history as well as its famous Sports Teams, it is no surprise that there are a ton of interesting and cool Brooklyn themed gifts for a Brooklyn lover. Whether you or your friend were a Brooklyn resident/ native and feel nostalgia towards Brooklyn or you are just a Brooklyn lover, there is something for you in this massive Brooklyn themed gift guide.

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Brooklyn themed lifestyle gifts

1. Brooklyn Scented Candle

Brooklyn Escapist Candle

Created by the Brooklyn Candle Studio Store, this Brooklyn scented candle captures the nostalgic smell of Brooklyn.

It is inspired by late night gatherings with friends in aged leather booths of cocktail bars, with live jazz serenading the room and sipping drinks with wild sage, cassis and orange blossom.

Purchase here.

2. Brooklyn Whiskey Glasses

Brooklyn Whiskey Glass - Brooklyn gifts

This premium quality Brooklyn themed whiskey glass is the perfect gift for a whiskey lover from Brooklyn.

You will find an intricate Brooklyn map on this whiskey glass, with all the important areas in Brooklyn (and some in Queens as well).

Purchase here.

3. Brooklyn Bamboo Serving & Cutting board

Brooklyn Cutting board

This laser engraved Brooklyn map serving and cutting board is the gift that celebrate the different areas of Brooklyn, from Williamsburg to Park Slope to Coney Island.

You can even show off your Brooklyn pride by having this hanging on walls instead of actually using it. There are hanging holes and tie that make this a wonderful wall art piece.

Purchase here.

4. Brooklyn Brew Shop Hard Cider Kit

Brookly Brew Shop hard cider making kit

Brooklyn Brew Shop is a Brooklyn based food start up that help people easily make beer, cider and other drinks and food that’s just as good as the world’s best breweries and restaurants.

With this hard cider starter kit set, you and your friends can learn to make the perfect craft hard cider at home.

Purchase here.

5. Brooklyn Cosmetic Bag

Brooklyn Cosmetic bag (1)

This Brooklyn cosmetic bag is ideal for makeup lovers or something who travels a lot. They can also be used as an everyday bag for your small accessories.

Purchase here.

6. Personalized Map Coasters

Brooklyn Coaster gift

If you want to add a touch of Brooklyn to your dining table, now you can purchase this personalized map coaster.

You can customize this coaster with a Brooklyn map, making this perfect for housewarming or any home gift.

Purchase here.

7. Brooklyn Map Oven Mitt

Brooklyn Map Oven Mitt

This pair of handmade Brooklyn map oven mitt is perfect for anyone who loves to bake or grill.

This oven mitt is made from heat resistant material, and a map of Brooklyn is featured on one side.

Purchase here.

8. Brooklyn Map Apron

Brooklyn Map apron gift

Another perfect Brooklyn themed gift for the kitchen is this Brooklyn map apron.

This lightweight, stylish and durable apron is another perfect gift for the cooks in any household.

Purchase here.

9. Brooklyn Perfume

Brooklyn Perfume gift

You can have Brooklyn as your new favorite (or signature) scent.

This Bond No.9 perfume features a unique Brooklyn scent, a long lasting woody, spicy and edgy scent blended with grapefruit, cardamon, geranium leaves, leather, juniper berries, etc.

This perfume is perfect for both female and male with a fun and young smell.

Purchase here.

10. Brooklyn Skyline Wine Glass

Brooklyn skyline wine glass

Enjoy a glass of your favorite wine with Brooklyn skyline as your backdrop.

This will sure remind you of your favorite place in Brooklyn even if you are thousands of miles away from it.

Purchase here.

Brooklyn Themed Gifts for Coffee Lovers

1. Brooklyn Coffee

Brooklyn coffee gifts

Brooklyn is home to perhaps the best coffee in New York City. Not only are there numerous mom and pop cafes in Brooklyn, but there are some famous coffee roasting companies, such as Brooklyn Roasting Company, Brooklyn Lab, and Olde Brooklyn Coffee.

You can now get that special taste of Brooklyn Coffee without having to leave your home (assuming you do not live in Brooklyn).

Purchase here for: Olde Brooklyn Coffee, Brooklyn Lab Coffee, Brooklyn Roasting Company

2. Brooklyn Coffee Mug

Brooklyn mug for coffee lovers

Now with Brooklyn coffee you will need a Brooklyn Mug (see how those two come together?)

This funny 11 ounce white ceramic Brooklyn themed mug will sure make you enjoy every sip of your coffee every morning (or afternoon).

Purchase here.

3. Brooklyn Map Insulated Coffee Tumbler

Brooklyn map coffee tumbler

If you want your Brooklyn coffee to go, be sure to check out this Brooklyn map coffee tumbler.

Each of these Stainless Steel tumbler is laser engraved with Brooklyn map with gps coordinates and they are triple-wall vacuum0insulated for maximum temperature retention and keep your favorite Brooklyn coffee the perfect temperature.

Purchase here.

4. Brooklyn Coffee Cup Print

Brooklyn Coffee Cup Print

If you enjoy coffee shops in your local neighborhoods of Williamsburg and Greenpoint, you may really appreciate this.

The artist has illustrated some of her favorite coffee cups from these two neighborhood. If you know someone who loves some of these coffee shops, this would make the perfect Brooklyn themed gift.

Purchase here.

Best Brooklyn Gifts for Brooklyn Sports Lovers

1. Brooklyn Nets Socks

Brooklyn Nets Socks

Are you a fan of Brooklyn Nets? This funny yet practical Brooklyn gift sure would put a smile on whoever receive this gift.

These 3 pair of high quality knitted Brooklyn Nets socks are made with multiple yarn blends that make your feet feet better and stay dryer.

Purchase here.

2. Brooklyn Dodgers Team Signed Replica Baseball

Brooklyn Dodgers Team replica baseball

If you are a fan of Brooklyn Dodgers in the 1950s, you would love this signed replica baseball.

This replica signed baseball has signature from Robison, Koufax, Campanella, Hodges, Reese and more.

Purchase here.

3. Brooklyn Nets Magnet Set

Brooklyn Nets Magnet

This Brooklyn Nets Magnet Set is the perfect gift to showcase your team allegiance.

The magnet set features team logos and can be used on most metal surfaces, such as tool boxes, fridge, cars, appliances, etc.

Purchase here.

Brooklyn Themed Home Decors Gifts

1. Brooklyn Vintage Travel Poster

Vintage Brooklyn Poster

This vintage Brooklyn wall poster is the perfect wall decoration gift for someone who loves the retro style.

Purchase here.

2. Brooklyn Map Throw Blanket

Brooklyn Map throw blanket

Cozy up with this unbelievably soft Brooklyn map throw blankets.

Crafted with sherpa fleece, these blankets actually get softer the more times you wash them. Coordinate with throw pillows and rectangular pillows for whatever nook needs a little extra dose of comfy. Available in three sizes.

Purchase here.

3. Brooklyn Skyline Clock

brooklyn skyline clock brooklyn themed gifts

Wondering what time it is in Brooklyn? This Brooklyn skyline wooden wall clock instantly adds that modern but unique touch to any office, desk, living room!

You can set it to your local time or mount it next to another clock with Brooklyn time.

Purchase here.

4. Brooklyn Comforter

You can sleep in Brooklyn even if you don’t live in Brooklyn (ok maybe this is not a great joke, but I tried).

But this Brooklyn themed comforter is the best gift for a cold winter. It’s not only warm but also brings a pop of color to your bedroom.

Purchase here or here (different design)

5. Brooklyn Neighborhood Map Print

Brooklyn map art  decor gift

This Brooklyn map art is made from neighborhood names in the shape of the city.

This print is available in several colors and sizes and will brighten up any space you put this in, making this the perfect Brooklyn gift for any home.

Purchase here.

6. City Shower Curtain

Brooklyn City shower curtain

This colorful cityscape shower curtain is made with high quality. It depicts the busy city life for any Brooklyn and New York City dweller.

This city curtain will bring a pop of color to any bathroom.

Purchase here.

7. Brooklyn Throw Pillow

We belong in Brooklyn throw pillow

This cozy but easy to clean We Belong in Brooklyn throw pillow is perfect for small living room or outdoor patio.

This high quality and vibrant designer throw pillow makes it a perfect Brooklyn gift for those thinking about decorating their homes.

Purchase here.

8. Brooklyn Sign

Brooklyn Sign home gift

This customizable wood look sign boasts a centuries-old Irish cream-colored typeface.

Available in multiple sizes, this Brooklyn sign is the perfect gift for dorms, home bar, game room or entry way.

Purchase here.

9. Brooklyn Subway Plush Mat

Brooklyn Subway Plush mat

This fun Brooklyn subway mat is the perfect gift for a Brooklyn themed bar room or bedroom.

Made from premiums 100% microfiber, this Brooklyn Subway plush mat is stain and shed free with anti-slip PVC base. It is one of the most unique Brooklyn themed gift you can get for the holidays, housewarming, or any other special occasion.

Purchase here.

10. L Train Ornament

L train ornament

If you are looking for something to represent Brooklyn on your Christmas tree, then don’t miss this adorable L train ornament.

This L Train Ornament is made from merino-blended wool and all details and stitching are hand-embroidered.

Purchase here.

11. Brooklyn Subway Throw Blanket

Brooklyn Subway Throw Blanket

Another unique subway themed gift is this Brooklyn Subway Throw Blanket.

This multi-functional blanket will provide the perfect companion for your sofa, bed, or living space. It is warm, colorful and simply funny.

Purchase here.

Brooklyn Themed Gifts for Babies and Kids

1. Brooklyn Baby Onesie

Brooklyn Baby Onesie

Do your friends have a Brooklyn baby? If the answer is yes, then this baby absolutely needs this Brooklyn Baby onesie to represent his/her city.

This handmade all natural onesie is an unique and cute gift for any Brooklyn baby.

Purchase here.

2. Goodnight Brooklyn

Good night Brooklyn

Good Night Brooklyn explores iconic places in Brooklyn in child-friendly themed.

Your child will learn more about Brooklyn and all the fun activities they can do with this board book.

Purchase here.

3. Brooklyn Baby

Brooklyn Baby book

Brooklyn babies will give you a tour of their neighborhood in this cute board book.

It introduces young readers of a group of smart, active, stylish and silly tots enjoying life in Brooklyn from Prospect Park to the Botanical Garden to the iconic Brooklyn Bridge.

Purchase here.

4. Brooklyn Bib

Brooklyn bib

This adorable and soft Brooklyn Bib makes the perfect baby shower and new baby gift.

It comes in various colors and it is perfect for catching drool and adding an extra element of uniqueness to a baby’s outfit.

Purchase here.

Brooklyn Themed Gifts for Food Lovers

1. Michaels of Brooklyn Pasta Sauce

Brooklyn Tomato Sauce

Michaels of Brooklyn is a family run Italian restaurant in Brooklyn and have been operating in Brooklyn since 1964.

If you are from Brooklyn and miss the flavor of Michael’s, you can now buy their famous tomato sauce. This will bring the flavor of nostalgia (and it’s also just very good tomato sauce).

Purchase here.

2. Welcome to Junior’s book

Welcome to Juniors - Brooklyn themed gift

If you are from Brooklyn, you would know that Junior’s is one of the most famous cheesecake restaurants in Brooklyn (if not New York City).

If you miss the taste of their cheesecake or just feel nostalgia, this book is perfect for you.

Welcome to Junior’s is a nostalgic tour of Brooklyn from the 1930s to the 1990s, with reminiscences and recipes from this legendary restaurant.

This book also provides you with over 100 favorite recipes, including their cornbread, matzoh ball soup, cheese blintzes, their world renowned cheesecake, and many many more.

Purchase here.

3. Ample Hills Ice Cream & Cook Book

Ample Hills book Brooklyn food gift

From Italian Food to ice cream, Brooklyn really is heaven for food lovers.

Ample Hills first opened its door in Brooklyn and has since grown to be one of the most popular ice cream shops in New York City.

You can now order Amble Hills ice cream to be delivered to your home.

What’s better is that you can even make your own Amble Hills ice cream from their recipe book. Now you can make some of their most sought-after flavors.

Purchase recipe book here.

4. The Four & Twenty Blackbirds Pie Book

Four & Twenty Blackbirds pie book

I hope you are not sick of sweets now because besides cheesecake and ice cream, there is also a famous pie shop in Brooklyn called Four & Twenty Blackbirds.

If you miss their delicious pie but can’t easily go eat there, you can now make them at home yourself.

Their popular pie recipe book features more than 60 delicious pie recipes organized by season, including some unique creations such as Green Chili Chocolate, Salty Honey, Salted Caramel Apple, etc.

Purchase here.

5. Peter Luger Steakhouse Sauce

Peter Luger Steak Sauce (1)

If you know anything about the food scene in Brooklyn, you sure have heard of Peter Luger, one of the best steakhouse in New York City that is based in Brooklyn.

But did you know that Peter Luger’s own steak sauce is something that people keep going back?

The best thing is, you can use their steak sauce on almost anything, let it be hamburgers, chicken, etc.

Purchase here.

Brooklyn Themed Outfits

1. Map of Brooklyn Apple Watch Band

Vintage Map of Brookyln Apple Watch Band

This apple watch band features your favorite Brooklyn vintage map on the vegan leather strap and come with 4 different hardware colors.

They are perfect for everyday wear with a soft suede-like underside, making this the perfect signature statement of your style.

Purchase here.

2. Brooklyn Hoodie

Brooklyn Hoodie

What’s a better way to present your city than to wear it?

Now you can proudly wear this cozy and soft Brooklyn hoodie around your neighborhood to show everyone your favorite city in the world.

Purchase here.

3. Brooklyn Ski Hat

Brooklyn Love Ski Hat

This soft and warm ski hat is perfect for someone who is spending the winter in Brooklyn or upstate New York.

Purchase here.

4. Brooklyn Classic Corduroy Hat

Brooklyn Hat

If you are looking for something classic and timeless, then this classic Brooklyn Corduroy hat is the perfect gift.

Made with 100% cotton corduroy, this adjustable Brooklyn hat is the best ball cap that you can gift someone this year.

It comes with multiple colors, so you can get your friend this hat in their favorite color.

Purchase here.

5. Brooklyn Socks

Brooklyn Socks

Looking for a fun Brooklyn themed gift?

This pair of Brooklyn socks are perfect for you then. This pair of colorful cotton socks features city life in Brooklyn.

Purchase here.

Other Unique Brooklyn Themed Gifts

1. Brooklyn License Plate

Brooklyn License plate

This fun Brooklyn license plate souvenir is a perfect fun gift for anyone who misses the blue and yellow license plate of New York without having to experience the horrible traffic and bad drivers of New York City.

Purchase here.

2. Brooklyn Bridge Puzzle

Brooklyn Bridge Puzzle

This 1000 piece Brooklyn Bridge Puzzle is the perfect Brooklyn themed gift for any puzzle lover.

Purchase here.

3. Brooklyn Tote Bag

Brooklyn Tote Bag

This customizable tote bag is the perfect gift for anyone who is either visiting Brooklyn or loves Brooklyn.

There are 2 different sizes and numerous colors (for the font) that you can choose from. Therefore even if you are getting 10 of these Brooklyn tote bags you can give everyone their favorite color!

Purchase here.

4. Brooklyn Spa Box

Brooklyn spa box

This super cute and unique bath box is a Brooklyn themed self care gift.

Included in this Brooklyn Spa Box are two subway soap bars and Brooklyn waxscent candle. The N, Q, R lines are made with activated charcoal and turmeric.

All candles are made with soy wax & scented with cannabis & cupcake fragrance oils.

Purchase here.

5. Brooklyn Dog Shirt

Brooklyn Dog shirt

Looking for something for your furry friend?

This dog shirt is the ultimate cute gift for your dog. Your dog will proudly wear this to represent their favorite city!

Purchase here.

6. Brooklyn Nets Dog Toy

Brooklyn Nets dog toy

Another gift for the furry friends is this squeaky Brooklyn Nets dog toy.

This durable pet toy is super soft and cozy and your dog will be sure to love it.

Purchase here.

7. Brooklyn Phone Case

Brooklyn Phone case

Want to add some character to your phone?

This Brooklyn phone case is the perfect case for you. It is made with BPA free materials, so it will protect your phone while adding character to it.

Purchase here.

8. Brooklyn Wrapping Paper

Now with all these cool Brooklyn gifts you are going to buy, what better way than to wrap them in a Brooklyn themed wrapping paper. Now you may not be from Cobble Hill and that’s totally fine, since there are other designs.

Purchase here.

Hope this Brooklyn themed gift guide gave you some awesome ideas for unique gifts!

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