Miracle On 9th St: A Must-See Holiday Pop Up Bar In New York

Miracle on 9th St. is one of the most famous holiday pop up bars in New York. This guide shows you if Miracle on 9th St is worth visiting this winter.

Christmas in New York City is the most festive time of the year and it’s also the most festive and instagrammable place to be in the world.

There are not only numerous dazzling Christmas light displays in New York in December but also a number of very festive restaurants and bars.

Miracle on 9th Street is one of the most famous holiday pop-up bars in New York City and it has been around for many years. It has festive decorations and Christmas themed drinks and this guide will show you what it’s like to grab a drink at Miracle on 9th St during the festive holiday season.

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What is Miracle Pop Up Bar?

Miracle is a Christmas only pop up bar with many locations within the US. Since it is a pop up, it only opens for about a month or two every winter.

The location of Miracle Pop Up bars change every year but some of them tend to stay the same year over year.

In general Miracle takes over an existing bar in a city, decorate the entire bar with festive Christmas and Hanukkah themed decorations and offers very Christmas themed drinks during the “take over”. Even the coasters, menu, cups, glasses and mugs are holiday themed.

So even though these bars exist and are open during regular months of the year, they only transform into a Christmas themed bar in the winter.

Where is Miracle Pop Up Bar in New York City?

Year over year, Miracle Pop Up Bar has shown up in New York City in the winter months.

During some years there were 2 Miracle bars in Manhattan but you are not always guaranteed to have 2 in Manhattan.

In general, Miracle Pop Up Bar is located at the Cabinet on 9th Street in the East Village of New York City.

Outside of Manhattan Miracle Bars are also in Brooklyn and Jersey City. You can find the complete list of locations here.

When is Miracle Pop Up Bar Open in New York City?

In general Miracle opens in November and December and they are open from 2 or 4pm to 12:30am (week days) or 2am (Weekend) (depends on the location).

Things to know before you go to Miracle on 9th:

  • Make a reservation online or call the bar or send an email to info@thecabinetnyc.com
  • Ask to sit at the bar if you can, so you can see all the awesome decorations
  • Drinks are strong, don’t be deceived by their cute appearances
  • If you are not from the US, bring your passport regardless, they always check ID
  • Bring proof of vaccination
  • No space for coats/bags
  • They take credit card
Most Instagrammable Christmas Pop Up Bar in NYC

The Drinks are all Christmas themed mixed cocktails costing a hefty $15. But what can you expect when there aren’t so many themed bars in the city? Since I went a few years ago, the drink menu may have changed this year.

The Bad Santa drink comes in a really nice Santa mug, so if you are into that, don’t miss the drink. It’s also a warm drink, but some people have complained that it tastes like microwaved warm alcohol…you can be the judge for yourself on that one.

Most Instagrammable Christmas Pop Up Bar in NYC

I tried the Muletide, it’s relatively fruity with ginger syrup, lime juice, and pumpkin soda. I thought it was pretty sweet but refreshing. The Grinch is good for someone who likes Bourbon. It’s pretty a strong drink apparently.

Most Instagrammable Christmas Pop Up Bar in NYC

Our favorite would be the Jingle Balls Nog, it’s really small drink  made with egg nog. Strong but tasty. The taste is rich and creamy and the spices are definitely Christmasy. If you can only try one drink at this bar, this would be the one.

They have a drink called the Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel, it sounds really sweet with the chocolate infused tequila, maple syrup. However, it’s so strong that the alcohol overpowered the drink. A couple of other drinks that you may want to try are the Christmopolitan and the Mulled Wine Sour.

Most Instagrammable Christmas Pop Up Bar in NYC

Most Instagrammable Christmas Pop Up Bar in NYC

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