Arashiyama bamboo Forest visit Kyoto

What To Do And Eat in Arashiyama, Japan

Curious on how to visit the Bamboo Forest in Kyoto? This guide tells you everything you need for your bamboo forest visit and other things to do in Arashiyama!

The Arashiyama bamboo grove near Kyoto has always been on my bucket list. Unfortunately I had missed the opportunity to visit the bamboo forest the last time I was in Kyoto, so I made extra effort to visit the Arashiyama bamboo grove this time around. While doing my research on visiting the bamboo forest near Kyoto, I found out that Arashiyama is not only famous for the bamboo forest, but there areĀ also many things to do near the bamboo forest such as charming temples, beautiful Japanese gardens, Iwatayama Monkey Park up the hill, and some amazing food in Arashiyama. Continue reading