About Me

My name is Serena and I am the author behind Serena’s lenses blog.

Ever since I was young, I wanted to travel the world and experience how people live in other parts of the world. I used to watch these travel shows when I was living in China and each week the show introduced a new country. I knew back then that I wanted to see all the places on these shows.

When I finally started working a full time job, I travelled internationally as much as I could during my vacation days. But my chance to really travel came when I went to study for a master’s degree in London.

Being based in London allowed me to travel extensively throughout Europe. It was so easy to just fly to Iceland or Greece for a long weekend! That was also when I started my instagram account so capture all my travels.

During my masters I also had a chance to spend a few months to study abroad in Hong Kong. This meant I could explore Asia easily as well (and you can guess how much studying I actually got done). I knew it was an once in a life time opportunity so I fully took advantage of it.

All my friends started asking me for travel itineraries and recommendations, so I figured why don’t I just document things on a blog and just send it to my friends? This is when Serena’s Lenses was born, the goal was always to write things down while I still remembered so I could send them to friends and family.

I was never much of a writer but I also didn’t want all these knowledge to go to waste. So I started my blog and only wrote occasionally. However little by little, I started writing more and more and the blog gained more traction.

During my travels I also picked up hiking as a hobby. I actually don’t like to hike, but I love the amazing views from these hikes. Therefore I started hiking more and more all over the world, from Patagonia to New Zealand to Canada to Switzerland. Therefore you will find a lot of hiking guides on Serena’s Lenses as well.

Now I live in New York City so I am writing more New York City contents. It is a city that just has so much to do and explore, so there’s always something to explore and write about. I still work full time, and just travel during long weekends and using my PTO time. Wherever I travel to, I document everything i observe and experience, so I can share my experiences with readers like you!

Hope you enjoy my blog and remember to follow me for more photos on my Instagram!

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