How to Book the Wolf Cabins and Sleep with Wolves at Parc Omega

Sleeping with wolves at the viral Park Omega wolf cabins and lodges is an unforgettable experience. This Park Omega blog shows you precisely how to book the wolf rooms in Parc Omega and if spending the night at Parc Omega is worth it

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If you are on this blog, I bet you saw the viral videos of wolves walking up to your bedroom window at Parc Omega. Yup, I saw that video too and that prompted us to spend the night at Parc Omega so we could get that experience too.

You probably also have a lot of questions on how early you need to book the Park Omega wolf cabins, what the experience is like and if the wolf cabins are worth it (since they are pricey after all).

I will talk about our experience booking accommodation and staying at the Parc Omega as well as our tips, so you can decide what type of wolf rooms you can get and whether it’s worth staying at Parc Omega.

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How to Get to Parc Omega

Parc Omega is a self drive nature park located near Montebello in Quebec. It is within driving distance from Ottawa and Montreal:

  • Ottawa to Parc Omega: 82km (51 miles) and takes about one hour
  • Montreal to Parc Omega: 120km (75 miles) and takes about 1 and half hours
  • Quebec City to Parc Omega: 365km (227 miles) and takes 3.5 to 4 hours
phot of Parc-Omega-Entrance in Canada

Wolf Lodges at Parc Omega

There is actually more than one type of accommodation at Parc Omega that allows you to sleep with wolves (outside of your windows). The wolves are kept in a large fenced area surrounding the cabin, so you may see one or more wolves walking in front of your windows at any time of the day.

Wolf Cabin at Parc Omega (Cabanes des Loups)

Sleeps: 4
Beds: 1 double bed & 1 queen bed
Price: starting at CAD 549 (USD 409) a night, excluding taxes and fees
Size: 576 Square Feet
Level: 1 story

Wolf Cabin Parc Omega
Credit: Parc Omega

The Wolf Cabin is one of the most popular accommodations at Parc Omega. The room is luxurious with one large living room combined with your beds in a log cabin. The entire cabin is decorated with logs and you have a large floor to ceiling window right in front of your beds.

The room comes with its own bathroom and a separate sitting area with chairs and tables (you can always move the small couches to the large room if you want to sit and watch the wolves).

The Wolf Cabin comes with a fully equipped kitchen so you can make your own food and coffee in the morning. There are utensils, plates, mugs and knives in the kitchen.

Based on the map, there are only 2 Wolf Cabins in Parc Omega, no wonder they are booked up most of the time.

Wolf Chalet at Parc Omega (Chalets des Loups)

Sleeps: 6
Beds: 2 single beds & 2 queen size beds
Price: starting at CAD 749 (USD 558) a night, excluding taxes and fees
Size: 1152 square feet
Levels: 2 stories

Wolf Chalet at Parc Omega
Credit: Parc Omega

These A line chalets are large spacious accommodations in Parc Omega that are great for a group of people (sleeps up to 6).

The Wolf Chalets have 2 stories, with a large living room, kitchen, dining room and a bedroom with bunk beds on the ground floor. The bedrooms are on the second level, you will find 2 queen beds with a low ceiling.

In terms of views, the Wolf Chalet is probably the best since you can see the outside from both levels with the large panoramic floor to ceiling windows. Instead of two large windows like the Wolf Cabin, you essentially get floor to ceiling windows encircling half of this two story lodge.

Similar to the Wolf Cabin, you have your own bathroom, fully stocked kitchen with a stove, fridge, microwave, coffee machine, dishes, mugs, and cutlery.

Wolf Lodge at Parc Omega (Chalets des Loups)

Sleeps: 6
Beds: 2 single beds & 2 queen size beds
Price: starting at CAD 849 (USD 632) a night, excluding taxes and fees
Size: 1362 square feet
Level: 2 stories

Wolf Lodge at Parc Omega
Credit: Parc Omega

The Wolf Lodge boasts 1362 square feet and is one of the largest accommodations at Parc Omega. It is pretty much the same as Wolf Chalet above, just even bigger! You will get an amazing view of the outside with the large panoramic window.

There are a total of 2 Wolf Chalets and 2 Wolf Lodges next to each other.

Wolf and Bear Suite at Parc Omega (where we stayed)

Sleeps: 4
Beds: 2 queen beds in 2 separate bedrooms
Price: starting at CA$ 599 (1 floor)/ CA$679 (2 floors) (USD 445/ 505 USD ) a night, excluding taxes and fees
Levels: 1 or 2 stories


The Wolf Suites are the newest modern accommodation at Parc Omega. They opened in September 2023 so everything is newer than the other wolf accommodations in the park.

There are 2 different suite types, so you can choose a one story suite or two stories. You can also book adjacent units as the living room on the ground floor has a door connecting to the next unit. This is great if you are booking for a large family or a group of friends.

If you choose the 2 story suite, one of the bedrooms comes with a balcony (with chairs and table) so you can observe animals from your balcony. There is a full bathroom on the 2nd floor as well.

Parc Omega Wolf suite balcony

The ground floor comes with a large living room, full kitchen, dining room area, and a half bathroom (no showers). There is also a fireplace with firewoods and anything you need to start the fireplace.

As the name implies, this type of accommodation also gives you the opportunity to see bears. However since we visited early January, the bears have all gone hibernating so we did not see any from our suite.

The Wolf and Bear Suites are the easiest to book since there are a total of 13 of them.

Other Accommodations at Parc Omega

Besides the wolf lodges, there are other interesting accommodation options at Parc Omega that let you get close to nature. However you won’t be seeing wolves or bears with these accommodations:

  • Pods: small single unit accommodations with AC, heating, kitchenette, bathroom. Access to a common kitchen. Sleeps 4
  • House on Stilts: an unique house with a synthetic palm leaves roof, a biological toilet, outdoor fireplace, solar energy for lighting and balcony. No electricity. Sleeps 7
  • Cabins: There are two types of cabins, and some are equipped with wood-burning stove, outdoor fireplace, some drinking water, and solar energy for lighting while others have a propane heating system. There is no electricity and you have to use an organic toilet. Sleeps 4 to 6
  • Wi-tent: This yurt-like accommodation is similar to the log cabin in terms of facilities. It’s great if you want to get close to nature and experience glamping. Sleeps 4
  • Tipi: These are pretty much just tents if you want to do camping in the summer!
  • Nature Suite: This modern suite is similar to the bear and wolf suite, except instead of wolves you will see deer and European mouflon.

Things To Know About the Wolf Accommodations at Parc Omega

Check in time is 4pm and check out time is 11am for all the accommodations. You need to return the keys to the check in office by 11am.

Keep in mind that on top of the room price, there are additional charges:

  • Lodging Tax (3.5%)
  • GST (5%)
  • QST (9.975%)

So if your lodging price is CA$779, you end up paying CA$927, a whooping CA$148 more for taxes and fees.

Park entrance fee for the entire party is included with the accommodation and you can technically see the park for two days (the day of arrival and the day of departure).

Canada Parc-Omega-Animals in the winter

There are special guest only access and performances if you spend the night at Parc Omega, starting at 9am in the morning.

There is no wifi at any of the wolf lodges (or any other room types) at Parc Omega.

Lastly, the different accommodations in Parc Omega are located in different areas, some requiring you to drive another 5 to 10 minutes to reach (like the modern Wolf Suite). Therefore there are different types of wolves and animals that roam outside of your rooms.

Cancellation Policy of Wolf Lodges at Parc Omega

You can cancel and get a full refund up to 8 days before you stay (so if you are booking for January 9th, the last day to cancel and get a refund is January 1st). If you cancel between 5 to 7 days before your stay, you have to pay 25% of total cost but you can change room types/ dates for free.

You cannot make any changes or get a refund if it’s 4 days or less before your reservation starting date.

Food and Dining Options at Parc Omega

There is only one restaurant at Parc Omega and it is at the Park House building near the entrance. This building is also a gift shop during the day (and you can buy carrots to feed deers too).


You absolutely have to make a reservation to eat at the restaurant inside Parc Omega. We did not know that so even when we went right when the restaurant opened at 5pm (for dinner), we were told it was fully booked.

In addition, the restaurant does not offer takeouts, so you can’t even order the food to go. Yup, another shocker (actually even more shocking than the lack of wifi).

The good news is that the town of Montebello, which is just a 10 minute drive away, has a few restaurants. We were recommended to try Restaurant Le Bistro Montebello and it was really good. You need a reservation for that restaurant too but you can always wait or just order take outs.


The Wolf Lodges at Parc Omega does not offer any breakfast, so you will need to pay CA$15 to eat at the restaurant inside the park if you want breakfast. Or if you are planning to explore Parc Omega, there are cafes at the Old Farm all the way inside the park.

How to Book the Wolf Lodges and Cabins at Parc Omega

You can book the wolf lodges from either or the official Parc Omega website.

Pros of booking the Wolf Lodges on

I sometimes prefer to book hotel accommodations on because of the genius discount (10% or more) as well as the generous cancellation policy.

I do find booking accommodation on the official Parc Omega website super confusing and often takes me multiple tries to get it right (I will explain more). The room options on are very clear and it’s easy to book.

How to book the Wolf Lodges on Parc Omega website

You can book all the accommodations straight from the Parc Omega website with a credit card. This sounds straightforward but it’s not.

Once you put in your dates, you should see a list of available rooms, together with offers like “2nd night at 15% off” and other packaged deals.

If you see the room type you want, do not click on “Check this room availability”, it will just take you back to the calendar to search for the dates again. Instead, click on the super small words “Show offers” and click on “Book“.

how to book wolf cabin at parc omega

Booking wolf lodge at Parc Omega

You have to enter your credit card details at the time of booking to secure your room. When you arrive at the park entrance, give them your reservation name and once they check it, they will let you in without paying for tickets.

How Hard Is It To Book the Wolf Cabin at Parc Omega?

Given there are only 2 Wolf Cabins, 4 Wolf Chalets/ Lodges, it is extremely difficult to book these at Parc Omega during the peak Christmas/ January holiday season.

For these particular wolf accommodations, they are most likely booked up one year in advance during the second half of December and the first 2 weeks of January. But you should always keep checking since people could cancel at the last minute.

It is much easier to book the Wolf Cabins for non-holiday months and on weekdays. In fact at the time of writing, I found both Wolf Cabin and Wolf Chalets available for the following week! So you just need to be really flexible and continue to check.

Wolf Suite (the modern one we stayed at) is much easier to book since there are 13 of them. When we tried to book in October for an early January stay, we were able to get the Bear/ Wolf Suite easily while everything else was full.

Do You See Wolves from the Wolf Cabins/ Lodges at Parc Omega?

The most pressing question you may have is whether you actually see wolves from the Wolf Lodge/ Cabin/ Chalet/ Suite at Parc Omega. I don’t blame you, considering how expensive accommodation is, we wondered the same thing.


The short answer is you most likely will see some wolves (depending on the season), but not always when you want to see them. You are not guaranteed to see a full pack of wolves either.

If your goal is to take a viral video/ photo of you by the window with the wolves, it is possible that you may be disappointed. You have to be pretty lucky to get the exact viral shot you may have in mind. You will see what I mean if you keep reading about our experiences.

You will definitely hear the wolves howl at night (really loudly too).

Our experience staying at the Bear/ Wolf Suite at Parc Omega

Arriving & Checking in

We arrived at Parc Omega around 3pm and pretty much explored the park until closing. After checking in, we tried to go to the restaurant inside the park but was told it was completely booked and they didn’t do take outs, so we grabbed dinner from Montebello.

It was quite confusing to find our cabins because you have to drive through 2 side gates (from where you check in) and up a dark road to the Wolf Suites.

If you are staying at the Wolf Cabin and Lodges, you don’t have to go through any gates but the drive is equally as dark without any street lights (I know because we were lost and drove to the Wolf Cabins first).

Since we were coming back from dinner, we literally didn’t know how to find the 2nd gate and what road we were supposed to drive up. The area was really dark so it was kind of scary at night. We ultimately drove back to the check in center, re-traced our steps, found the first gate, then saw the second gate across the park entrance.

Our Wolf Suite

Once we finally found the right road, we arrived quickly at the suites. The suites are very modern and all the lights are already turned on. In fact you can see right into part of the living room from the parking area since there are no curtains.


Our Suite was large and spacious and super modern. The upstairs were spacious and bright, with a full bathroom, two large bedrooms, one of which came with the balcony. The beds all have lights and chargers, making it super convenient to charge.

The suite had heater/ AC, given that it was winter and almost freezing, our Wolf Suite was very warm and cozy.

The Wolves at Night

We actually saw a few wolves walking in front of our living room during dinner (there are wired fences outside of the window, so they can’t break the window). You can also see them from the upstairs balcony. However the most we saw were 2 wolves together that night, and they seem to make their rounds walking back and forth.

In the middle of the night around 3am, I was woken up by their super loud howling even though I couldn’t see any of them from the windows.

Waiting for Wolves all Morning

I read that wolves are not nocturnal animals so I thought maybe we would see more of them in the morning. Our goal was really to take those Instagram photos of seeing wolves from “the bed” by the window.

We actually had everything set up since 7am and they didn’t show up until 9:30am when we were about to give up and leave. Suddenly 3 or 4 of the pack came one by one in front of our windows and they would make their rounds about every 15 to 20 minutes.

We eventually vacated the suite around 10:45 just to drive back to the check in desk near the entrance of the park to give back the keys. We then spent another 2 hours driving through the park again, seeing more animals than the previous afternoon.


Tips for Booking and Staying at the Wolf Cabins at Parc Omega

  • Book early: if you want to stay at Parc Omega during Christmas holiday season, book your stay at least one year in advance (or as early as reservation opens up). Otherwise there is minimal chance to stay at a Wolf Cabin or Wolf Chalet or Lodge. You may have a shot at the Wolf Suite though.
  • Arrive early: we arrived around 3pm because our flight landed at noon in Montreal. You should definitely aim to go earlier if you want to explore the park before checking into your room.
  • Stay in the room after 4pm: To maximize your chance of seeing wolves (and taking photos), go to your room as soon as you can check in. Daylight is short in the winter and you can’t take good photos at night (with you in it). You may not see any wolves the next morning, so spend as much time as you can in your room when there is daylight to maximize your chance of seeing wolves
  • Make a reservation at restaurants: Even if you are not planning to eat at the restaurant in Parc Omega, you should still make reservations at restaurants in Montebello. We had to take food to go because the restaurant was full (and we didn’t want to wait an hour to sit at the bar).
  • Bring your own breakfast: Unless you want to drive out to the restaurant in the morning, there is no breakfast available. If you are traveling with kids, you should bring your own food to eat in the morning.
  • No Pets: You cannot have pets in Parc Omega or in your accommodations.

Is Staying at Parc Omega Worth It?

If your only goal of staying at Parc Omega is to capture viral videos and photos of you posing with the wolves outside of your window, then I don’t think it’s worth staying at the viral wolf cabins and lodges at Parc Omega.

I say this because there is always a chance that you will not see those wolves during your stay or you may not be able to get a nice photo with them outside of your window.

Staying at Parc Omega is worth it if you truly want the experience of staying at a nature resort, especially in a cute log cabin, have the opportunity to see some wolves or bears, and get to visit the park once or twice.

There are a lot of things you can do at Parc Omega, from feeding deers to seeing arctic foxes/ wolves and other animals. It is a very family friendly and fun experience for people of all ages. Staying at Parc Omega gives you exclusive access to learn more about the wolves and other animals that you won’t get otherwise.

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