Christmas Pop Up Bar In New York: Miracle on 9th St

As I mentioned in my previous post, there are so many things to do in Manhattan during the holiday season. One of my favorite would be this really cute Christmas pop up bar called Miracle on 9th Street.


This bar is normally called MACE, it’s a small and cramped bar on 9th street and Avenue C. I’m not sure how many people visit this during the year but it’s transformed into a Christmas bar only during the holiday season. Every year from the end of November to Christmas Eve, this bar becomes a pop up Christmas venue and it opens from 4pm to 2am daily. All of the decorations in the bar are Christmas and Hanukkah themed, and this even includes the coasters, menu, cups/glasses/mugs. So if you want something Christmasy to drink, this is definitely the right place for you.

A few things before you go:

  • Go really early (like 5/6pm) or you will have to wait inline for at least an hour, outside
  • Ask to sit at the bar if you can, so you can see all the awesome decorations
  • Drinks are strong, don’t be deceived by their cute appearances
  • If you are not from the US, bring your passport regardless, they always check ID
  • No space for coats/bags
  • They take credit card


The Drinks are all Christmas themed mixed cocktails costing a hefty $15. But what can you expect when there aren’t so many themed bars in the city? The Bad Santa drink comes in a really nice Santa mug, so if you are into that, don’t miss the drink. It’s also a warm drink, but some people have complained that it tastes like microwaved warm alcohol…you can be the judge for yourself on that one.




I tried the Muletide, it’s relatively fruity with ginger syrup, lime juice, and pumpkin soda. I thought it was pretty sweet but refreshing. The Grinch is good for someone who likes Bourbon. It’s pretty a strong drink apparently.


The Grinch (left), Muletide (right)

Our favorite would be the Jingle Balls Nog, it’s really small drink  made with egg nog. Strong but tasty. The taste is rich and creamy and the spices are definitely Christmasy. If you can only try one drink at this bar, this would be the one. They have a drink called the Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel, it sounds really sweet with the chocolate infused tequila, maple syrup. However, it’s so strong that the alcohol overpowered the drink. A couple of other drinks that you may want to try are the Christmopolitan and the Mulled Wine Sour.




If you are planning to visit New York City during the holidays, you can’t miss my post on the top places you have to see for a Christmas in New York experience. Also check out this post on all the Christmas Markets in New York!


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