Cold Spring Day Trip From New York City

Cold Spring is a great day trip from New York City and this guide shows you the best things to do in Cold Spring.

Most people come to New York for New York City, but what if you want to escape the bustling and hustling of Manhattan just for a day? There are many day trip (or even weekend trip) options to get away from New York City, but I think the cutest one so far has been my Cold Spring day trip from New York City during the MLK weekend.

Cold Spring is a small town about 1.5 hours drive from Manhattan. It’s a popular destination during the summer due to its proximity to the Hudson River. The town is really small but has a lot of cute restaurants and shops. What’s even more note worthy are all the hikes around this area that attracts thousands of visitors.

How to Get to Cold Spring from New York:

  • Train: Take the Hudson Line on Metro North and get off at Cold Spring (or Breakneck Ridge for hiking)
  • Car: Cold Spring is 1.5 hour drive from Manhattan. Plenty of free parking on the street.

Exploring Cold Spring:

Cold Spring is quite small and really walkable. Most of the restaurants and shops are on Main Street in Cold Spring. We walked by some really cute stores selling signs and souvenirs as well as a French restaurant and some cafes. Maybe because it is now winter, there weren’t many people in the morning and most of the stores open at noon. I imagine there would be a lot more visitors in the summer.


Get Brunch in Cold Spring

We stopped by a brunch place called Hudson Hil’s (probably one of the only restaurants that was open before noon in Cold Spring). NO surprise it was packed but food was really delicious.


Beautiful Hikes in Cold Spring

There are several hikes around Cold Spring. The most popular hike near Cold Spring is Breakneck Ridge. It’s a relatively short hike (depending on the trail you choose) with a short but steep scramble at the beginning of the trail. There is a rewarding view of the Hudson River at the top of the trail. Generally people hike it in the fall due to beautiful foliage color changing.

During this winter Cold Spring day trip from New York City, we tried some short hikes near Cold Spring that were both short but with nice views.

Constitution Marsh & Indian Brooks Fall

One hike you can do on your Cold Spring day trip from New York City is the Constitution Marsh & Indian Brooks Fall. The trail head of Constitution Marsh a short drive (~10 minute) from Cold Spring Main Street. Once we parked the car, it was about an hour hike (round trip) to the marsh. The Constitution Marsh trail is extremely easy but if you go in the winter it could occasionally get slipper before you get to the boardwalk.

After coming back from the marsh, you can walk down towards the bridge to start your “hike” to the Indian Brooks Fall. It was a little confusing to find the train at first but to access the trail you will need to walk under the bridge. The bridge should be behind you during your hike and the stream should be on your left.

Little Stony Point

The second hike we did on our Cold Spring day tripfrom New York City was called Little Stony Point. Little Stony Point is closer to the city called Beacon (discussed more below) than Cold Spring; it’s a 6 mile drive from Beacon. The Little Stony Point sometimes is missed by visitors who go to the better known “bigger” hikes such as Bull Hill (right across the street) or Breakneck Ridge (1 mile from the Breakneck Ridge trail head). Little Stony Point is more of a walk rather than a hike. It’s a great place to walk on the beach, swim (when it’s not cold although not recommended), and see the sunset.

You probably will first stop by the beach before heading uphill (very short uphill) for a better view of the Hudson River and the sunset.


Explore Beacon

Beacon is a town very close to Cold Spring; it’s a slightly bigger town about 10 minutes north of Cold Spring. Beacon is famous for its museum called Dia: Beacon. There are even more shops and restaurants in Beacon than in Cold Spring. If you have time, definitely explore Beacon and walk along the waterfront in the summer! For more information on things to do in Beacon, visit their office website. Beacon itself can be a nice day trip from New York City or you can combine it with a hike.

There are a lot of great things to do on a Cold Spring day trip from New York City any time of the year especially if you are active. If you like to hike you can definitely spend a weekend in Cold Spring or Beacon to hike some of the bigger hikes with amazing views of the Hudson Valley.

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Cold Spring Day Trip from NYC

Cold Spring Day Trip from NYC


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