NYC Winter Guide: What to Wear and Pack For New York City Winter

Wondering what to wear in New York City in the winter (so you can pack for your NYC winter trip)? This NYC winter guide shows you how cold NYC gets in December, January and February and what New Yorkers wear in the winter so you can be prepared to visit NYC this winter!

New York City is the perfect city to visit in the winter. Yes winter is cold in New York but winter is also the most festive and cozy time to visit the Big Apple. You will not see how lively and festive New York is during any other time of the year and there is a reason why a lot of Hollywood movies take place during New York winter.

So if you have already decided to venture out to New York in the winter, you may wonder what to wear in NYC in the winter, especially when it snows! Or you might just be curious what New Yorkers wear in December.

As someone who has lived in New York for almost a decade, I can show you how to dress in NYC from December to February to stay warm and fashionable (and how to look like a New Yorker). I will even tell you what’s the best winter boots for NYC and what else you might need for your winter New York packing list.

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Christmas NYC Lotte Palace Christmas Tree The Most Instagrammable Places in NYC

What months are winter in New York?

New York City’s winter is technically from December to February but winter feels a lot longer in New York.

During the month of November it already feels very cold and certain days could even be colder than December.

March is technically spring in New York but March can still feel quite cold. From what I can remember, there was always one blizzard or large snow storm in March ever since I moved to New York many years ago.

So in short, New York winter can feel pretty long and the cold weather lasts from November to March before things start to get warmer.

New York yellow cab in snowy day

New York City Winter Temperature

New York winter weather temperature and snow fall chart

New York City is known to have cold and snowy winter (you probably imagine a white Christmas in New York from all the movies and TV shows but it’s not entirely true).

Starting in November, temperature starts dipping and by the end of December you can expect temperature near freezing or sub-freezing.

January and February are the coldest months in New York City with lows below freezing and highs barely above freezing on most days. Unlike places like London where it rains a lot in the winter, New York is actually very dry during the winter.

During the years I have lived in New York, there also has been a couple of “polar vortex” or “bomb cyclone” on the east coast (I don’t know how they come up with these names but they are getting more intense-sounding every year).

But at the same time there have been really warm winters in New York City. So honestly you just never know how cold (or warm) New York City is in December, January or February. And to make things worse, it could be very warm for one week and then blizzard the following week, making it super hard to pack for NYC.

So all I’m trying to say is nobody can tell you exactly what the temperature will be like in NYC in December (or January or February), and your best bet is to check the weather forecast (even Apple weather will do) a week before your trip.

When does it snow in NYC? How much does it snow in NYC?

New York doesn’t actually see too much snow until January or February so white Christmas is not very common despite what you see in the movies (sorry!). Out of all the years I have lived in New York City, I have never seen a white Christmas here, not even once!

Even though it does snow in New York City between January and March, snow is not an everyday thing. New York City winter can be very sunny and bright but just freezing cold and windy.

Snow in Central Park during winter in NYC

It can be very exciting to see the first snowstorm in New York (especially if you are coming from a place where there is no snow). But trust me that excitement dies off hellaaaaa fast.

After the first day or two, snow becomes dirty and slushy and piles up along the side walk, making the magical snow experience almost non-existent. If there is no store or residential building, snow on the pavement probably will not be plowed for a while, making it dangerous and slippery to walk on.

In addition it can get pretty windy during the winter in NYC, and wind chill is a real thing. It doesn’t help that there are so many tall buildings in Manhattan, forming the perfect wind tunnel on an already cold day.

So the next time you check temperature in NYC, be sure to look at wind speed and “feel liketemperature because it can feel a lot colder with the wind chill.

What to wear and how to look cute in the winter in New York City

What do New Yorkers wear in the winter?

Wondering what New Yorkers wear in the winter so you can figure out your NYC winter packing list? You have come to the right place!

New Yorkers in the winter

There is no one “rule” that everyone follows to survive winter in New York. One great thing about New York is that nobody cares what you wear especially in the winter. But if you are looking for general rules on how New Yorkers dress in the winter, here are some examples:

  • New Yorkers wear a lot of black, also ivory, navy and gray in the winter
  • Everyone has a warm coat in New York and may it be a Canada Goose parka or a Banana Republic wool coat
  • You will see a lot of snow boots and waterproof boots during New York winter
  • New Yorkers layer to stay warm (both top and bottom)
  • Not everyone wears hats, gloves or scarves actually
  • Some people still dress glamorously even on the coldest winter days

What to wear in New York in the winter?

One thing to keep in mind is that you have to walk outside a lot in New York City!

If you are coming from somewhere that requires driving everywhere, it may a huge adjustment for you to visit New York and be exposed to the elements. Subways can be quite warm but once you are outside it can be freezing cold, so you should take that in mind when you decide what to wear in New York in the winter.

standing in a parka in front of Dyker Heights house in the winter

Best winter coat for New York winter

Outwear is probably the most important piece of clothing for New York winter. If there is one thing you need to invest in for your NYC packing list, it is a warm (and windproof) winter coat!

The top 3 types of winter coat for NYC include parkers (with a harder/ wind proofing shell, a bomber with a softer shell or a thick wool coat).

Parkas are probably the warmest outwear for New York winter because the outer shells are wind and waterproof and you have a hood to protect your head. But the downside of having a parka is that they are generally more expensive and can get quite heavy.

Depending on your personal preference, you may like the bombers look, but for me they are too short. I prefer parkas that can cover all the way down to my knee!

The most popular parkas New Yorkers wear include Canada Goose Expedition Parka, North Face Arctic Insulated Parka, and Uniqlo Parka or this Amazon one for a budget option.

Canada Goose Parka

If you think Parkas are too bulky, you can also consider this popular wool coat or this Uniqlo wool coat. Wool coats generally require you to layer more than parkas but they are definitely more fashionable than parkas and can elevate your winter outfit.

Other trendy winter coat include a super warm teddy coat (and a cheaper version of it). All of these thick coats and jackets will keep you warm in New York winter.

Layers after layers

Since you will be in and out of subways and indoor spaces in NYC, you will inevitably need to layer so you can take things off/ put things on easily. Just a FYI, the heaters are super strong indoors in the US (if you are from outside of the US), so be ready to hold your coat and scarf in your hands.

I don’t know about the general public but among all my friends, Uniqlo heat tech is the layer of choice. You can even layer your pants with the Heattech tights to keep your legs warm.

I sometimes also wear these super light down coat if it’s REALLY cold outside even with my parka.

In general you need a thin layer under a sweater or a thicker layer. My philosophy is you can always take things off if it gets too hot, but you can’t add layers if you are freezing!

Thick sweater to keep you cozy

Depending on your cold tolerance level and what type of outwear you choose, it really determines what you should wear underneath (or if it’s like 10F outside, then you should just put everything on).

I know people who only wear a t shirt under their Canada Goose parka. But there are others who choose to wear a thicker coat or jacket, but layer it with a nice thick sweater.

Depending on your style, you could layer with a nice cashmere sweater, a turtle neck sweater (or this one) to achieve whatever look you are going for.

Fleece Lined Tights and Leggings

Fleece lined tights

Want to wear a skirt in New York winter but you are afraid it’s too cold?

Don’t worry, there are these thermal lined tights from SheIn and Amazon that make it look like you are wearing a thin tights when in fact you are warm and cozy. These thermal tights create a fake see through effect and they look translucent and slim from the outside.

A girl wearing a fur coat and black mini skirt and black leggings and leather boots holding a camera looking out at the Empire State Building from the terrace of Top of the Rock observation deck at Rockefeller Center

These translucent tights are all the rage in NYC in recent years since they allow women to look more stylish without freezing their legs off.

New Yorkers also love the yoga pants look. If you are walking around on the weekend you will inevitably see all these women in their yoga pants (even if they never actually went to the gym). If you like that yoga pants look too and it’s freezing outside, you can still wear these fleece lined leggings whether you are actually working out or just like the workout look.

Winter Skirt or Sweater Dress

Like the tights look and wondering what to wear with it? Walking around New York in the winter and you will see women in all sorts of skirts (yes people wear skirts and dresses in the winter).

You can never go wrong with the long skirt (wool version here) or even a leather skirt with boots look in New York! With a pair of nice leather boots (more on that below), you can stay warm and cozy while looking stylish.

You can also wear fleece lined leggings with short skirt, wool or tweed shorts, and a knit/ sweater dress (or this one) especially if you intend to take some photos around the city and during the holidays.

Dyker Heights

Bryant Park winter village
Similar Faux fur coat link

Jeans never go out of style

You can never go wrong with a pair of jeans, especially black jeans in New York. But you probably should not just wear a single layer of jeans because they are not wind proof.

The smarter way to do it is to layer your jeans with these Uniqlo Heattech leggings and you can stay warm and cozy.

Winter Accessories: Hat, Ear Muffs, Gloves, Scarf

Winter accessories should be a no brainer if you are visiting New York in the winter.

tech gloves

Although personally I do not wear any of this anymore because I just use the hood on my parka and put my hands in my pockets, but I used to be wrapped up from head to toe when I first moved to New York from California.

You will see that not everyone in New York wear scarfs or hats since you just get used to the cold after a while. But as a tourist you probably should wear these since you will be outside for much longer than the average New Yorker.

If you plan to wear gloves, be sure to get the type the tech gloves so you can still use your phone. The last thing you want to do is to take your gloves off to use your phone when it’s snowing.

What shoes to wear in NYC in the winter?

Shoes are one of the most things you need to get right when you visit New York in the winter. Why? If you are visiting New York in January to March, most likely there will be some rain or snow on the ground. Without proper footwear, you risk your feet getting wet or slip on ice and fall.

Most New Yorkers have several different types of shoes for winter, since each can serve a different purpose.

Christmas in New York
Similar coat here
Beret here

Leather boots or booties are almost a default for New Yorkers, since they are warm, sturdy and waterproof. Do not wear suede boots since they can get dirty and wet super fast. I have seen some really dirty and nasty looking UGGs around in the winter and you don’t want that. I usually buy my leather boots from DSW, Macys, or Bloomingdales.

Sorel Boots

Snow boots are a wardrobe stable in New York when it starts snowing. Snow boots are super useful when there is a blizzard and snow is deep. I have tried Sorel snow boots (or this light weight one) and North Face snow boots during a blizzard and they kept my feet dry and warm. They also have great traction on the sole so you are less likely to slip when the road is icy.

Northface snow boots - what shoes to wear for New York and Quebec winter

New York is infamous for “black ice” on the road, where you can’t see the ice when you are walking, causing many accidents. And of course there are regular ice on the streets as well.

Duck Boots and rain boots are a good alternative to snow boots if you think snow boots are too bulky and heavy for you. L.L. Bean Duck Boots is something almost every fashionable New Yorker has, as well as Hunter rain boots (with these socks).

Sorel, L.L. Bean and Hunter are perhaps the most popular brands of winter shoe-wear you will see on the streets of New York.

Can you wear sneakers in NYC winter? I personally do not recommend wearing sneakers during New York winter if you plan to be outdoors for a long time. Sneakers are generally not waterproof and doesn’t protect your leg so you feet and legs may get wet and cold after a while.

Other things to pack for New York in the winter

Now that you know how to dress for NYC winter, let’s talk about your New York packing list for the winter. I am listing below some essential things to bring to New York during the winter months.

Umbrella can be useful when it’s raining in NYC in the winter. But umbrellas are pretty useless when there is a blizzard (you should just stay indoors if there is one!)

New York City Winter trying to use an umbrella in a blizzard

External phone battery: we all know phones die faster when it’s cold. If you will be out and about all day, definitely bring an extra set of battery to replenish your phone’s battery. I have this one and love it.

Electric converter & adapter: if you are coming from outside of the US, bring converts and adapters even though some hotels may offer USB charging stations

Cross body bag (women): cross body bags are extremely useful in New York, especially in the winter when you need to carry a lot of things.

Backpack (men): nothing needs to be said here, except to remember to take off your backpack if you are on a crowded subway (leave it between your legs, so more people can fit in the train)

Lip balm: New York winter can be dry, lip balms are essential to prevent chapped lips (I get chapped lips every winter here). My favorite one that I use in NYC is this one.

Thick face cream: again, dry winter = bad skin. You need a thick face cream to keep your skin moisturized! After living here for so long, I have tried so many different creams and I recommend Fresh Lotus Moisturizing, Sunday Riley moisturizer, and this L’Occitane cream.

Hand cream: again, dry weather, especially if you wash your hands a lot (as you should, after a subway ride!). I always use this hand cream and this one.

Visiting New York City with kids in the winter

If you are visiting NYC with kids then this section is for you! It is not easy to have your kids with you when there is a blizzard outside (but don’t worry if you are coming in December there is no blizzard).

Here are a few tips for you if you are traveling with kids to NYC this winter, especially if they are young kids.

  • If you use a stroller/ pram, bring a lightweight and foldable one since not all subway stations have elevators.
  • If you still use a carrier for your baby, get a winter cover for the carrier.
  • If you are planning to take taxi, I recommend taking yellow cab in the city, as they legally do not require a car seat. Ubers/ Lyfts actually need a car seat although some people don’t follow that rule.

There are plenty of things to do with kids in New York City during the Christmas holiday time! Even if you are not visiting during the holiday season, rest assured there are plenty of indoor things to do with your kids, such as:

  • American Museum of Natural History
  • The Museum of Mathematics
  • Children Museums in Manhattan and Brooklyn
  • Hall of Science or Liberty Science Center
  • Experience the magic at Harry Potter Store

New York City winter travel tips

Yellow-cab-snow in NYC

Book your hotels and flights early if it’s during the holiday season since it is high season and everyone wants to experience the magic of NYC Christmas. I always use Google Flights or Kayak to find cheap flights and for hotels.

Book your shows and restaurants ahead of time if it’s during the holiday season. I heard shows can get sold out and certain popular restaurants are entirely booked so act fast.

Chinese restaurants are open on Christmas day while everything else is closed, just keep that in mind if you are hungry on Christmas day!

Blizzards can prompt panic buy, early market closure (if they open at all), and restaurant closure. Be sure to have some food and snack with you if you see a blizzard in the forecast.

Christmas NYC Lotte Palace Christmas Tree The Most Instagrammable Places in NYC

Enjoy the holiday cheers, check out Christmas trees and try holiday pop up bars and restaurants.

Take photo with Santa at Macy’s or ice skate with Santa at Brookfield.

Be careful with black ice on the sidewalk. These are real and everyone has experienced it at least once in New York. Be sure to wear shoes with good traction.

Consider getting travel insurance since you could slip or fall (or your luggage could get lost).

Take a trip to Central Park right after it snows, before the snow gets dirty and brown (usually 1-2 days later).

Teddy coat new york

Plan for shorter days outside and find in door activities. Be prepared to travel by subway or hop-on hop-off bus to minimize walking. You can also get yellow cab or Uber to get around the city to stay warm.

Tip: It may be worth it to get a New York Pass or Explorer Pass since it includes Hop on Hop off bus and many other popular attractions.

Best Places to Eat in New York City in the Winter

Winter is the coziest time of the year in New York City so let’s eat something cozy!

  • Grab hot chocolate at Mah-Ze-Dahr in the villages or MarieBelle in Soho.
  • Grab a drink at one of the Christmas bars such as Papillon or Oscar Wilde
  • Admire the Christmas decorations at Rolf’s (but food is not good)
  • Get some authentic Italian food at L’Artusi in the West Village
  • Cozy up with hot pot at The Dolar Shop in the East Village (or Flushing if you want to go for some cheaper options!)
  • Pretend you are in the French alps with some delicious fondue from Taureau or Cafe Select
  • Get a cup of hot Japanese matcha tea with Japanese desserts at Cha An or Patisserie Fouet

Is it worth visiting NYC in the winter?

Don’t be turned away by the snowy cold weather of New York winter! New York City can still be very worthwhile to visit in the winter, depending on when and what you want to do.

Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree New York

Winter in NYC is the most festive time of the year, with world renowned holiday decorations at about every corner of the city. Most of the holiday decorations are up by the end of November, with beautiful Christmas trees and lights, festive store window displays, fantastic holiday markets, holiday performances, train shows and light shows for families and holiday themed bars and restaurants. If you want the holiday festivity, you should visit New York in December.

Snowy New York is beautiful right after a snowstorm. If you want to experience New York like in the movies, step into Central Park on a snowy day and you will be blown away (maybe literally) by the winter wonderland. You will see kids sledding down the slopes and huskies and samoyed taking a stroll near the frozen lake.

new york snow

Flights and hotels are cheaper in New York in January to March and there are also less tourists, making your visit more pleasant. If you are thinking about getting broadway show tickets or eat at popular restaurants, winter is your best bet to get that ticket or reservation but avoid the holidays!

Stone St. New York Igloos

You can dine in Igloos when the temperature drops. Ever since the pandemic restaurants have found creative ways to set up outdoor dining and as a result there are a lot of igloos and winter cabinet type of arrangement that popped up all over the city in the winter. If you are lucky you can even get private igloo all to yourself.

Christmas in New york Bryant Park Ice Skating Rink

Skate at world famous outdoor rinks in the winter in NYC! Ever wanted to skate in front of Rockefeller Center or at Bryant Park? You can do that only in the winter in New York. Get your skates ready and have some fun on the rinks.

If you are looking for a festive and cozy winter, then New York in the winter is absolutely worth it for you. However, you should not visit New York in the winter if you hate the cold, enjoys rooftop bars, wants to party all night (I can’t imagine wearing a dress waiting in line for a Club when it’s snowing) or looking for outdoor concerts or anything like that. Then summer may be the right season for you to visit NYC.

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