16 Best and Safest Places To Travel Alone (If You Are a Girl)

Wondering where to go by yourself? Here are some of the safest places to travel alone as a female solo traveler.

When I first started traveling back in 2012, I couldn’t always find friends to travel with me since I had way more vacation time (and later on school holidays).

I wasn’t about to let that stop me from traveling, so I decided to do a lot of solo travel as a female. In case you are wondering why anyone would want to ravel by themselves, read this helpful blog on why travel solo.

After seeing over 50 countries and solo traveling through many, I find the destinations below very safe for female solo travelers.

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Safest Places to Travel Alone and What to do There

I’ve compiled a list of cities that I would recommend traveling alone based on my own experience. I’ve never had problems in any of the cities below but of course no matter where you go, you should still exercise caution and common sense.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

City wall of Dubrovnik King's Landing best place to travel solo in Europe

A fan of Game of Thrones? You simply cannot miss Dubrovnik aka King’s Landing! Dubrovnik a great city with plenty of sunshine, view, delicious food and beach. The town is small enough that you can explore alone or meet up with people from your hostel.

Best Time to Visit Dubrovnik

The best time to visit Dubrovnik is from mid May to mid September. The weather is nice during this time and the water will be warm enough to swim in. However if you go during peak July season, expect a lot of crowds and more expensive accommodation. I personally went to Dubrovnik at the end of May when it was considered off season and the temperature was perfect.

What to do in Dubrovnik By Yourself

1) Game of Thrones Tour in Dubrovnik: if you are a GoT fan, then you must take the GoT tour in Dubrovnik. The tour will take you around the old town of Dubrovnik and show you where some of the GoT scenes were filmed

2) Take the Dubrovnik cable car: Dubrovnik has a cable car that takes you almost 800m above the city for a breathtaking view of the historical town, the Adriatic Sea, and the surrounding islands. There is also a cafe on top, you can sip a glass of wine or enjoy a bite of cake while taking in the amazing view

3) Get lost in the old city of Dubrovnik: the old town is very interesting to explore. Get lost among the alleyways, buy some trinkets from the colorful stores, try all the gelato shops and watch a firework at night

Dubrovnik best place to travel alone

4) Walk the city walls in Dubrovnik in the morning and find the hole in the wall bar and re-live your Game of Throne moments.

5) Take day trips from Dubrovnik to nearby countries. Some of my favorite day trips from Dubrovnik included visiting Mostar and Montenegro

Bay of Kotor, Montenegro

Tokyo, Japan

Shibuya crossing at night

Japan is one of my favorite countries to visit because it’s modern, safe, clean, cute, and tourist friendly. It’s extremely neat and everyone is polite and friendly.

Food is amazing in Tokyo and shopping (especially skin care products and make up) is incredible.

Best Time to Visit Tokyo

The best time to visit Tokyo is during spring and fall. Spring is popular to visit Tokyo because of beautiful cherry blossom all over the city.

Spring is also the most crowded time because people all over the world fly to Japan to experience cherry blossom. Fall is pretty due to foliage and hiking. The weather in spring and fall are also less humid and more dry.

What to do in Tokyo By Yourself

1) Tsukiji Market: Tsukiji Market is the biggest and the most famous fish market in Tokyo. Get up early to take a scroll through the market and eat some fresh sushi or if you are lucky (and up early enough) you can witness the tuna auction in the morning

Tsukiji Fish Market Tokyo

2) Drive a real life Mario kart through Shibiya: only in Tokyo can you dress up as a Super hero character and drive a go kart on the street pretending to be super man or some other super heroes (you used to be able to dress up as Super Mario characters but Nintendo won the lawsuit against them so they can’t offer that anymore). This is a MUST do for anyone visiting Tokyo, you can book here.

Mario Kart Tokyo

3) Visit Studio Ghibli Museum: ever watched Spirited Away or My Neighbor Totoro? If you are a Studio Ghibli fan, then you must not miss a visit to this museum. Make sure to purchase tickets ahead of time since they usually get sold out about 2-3 months in advance.

Ghibli Museum Tokyo ticket

4) Experience night life in East Shinjuku (and eat ramen on the street): East Shinjuku is an “entertainment” district in Tokyo. There are restaurants, shops, karaoke bars as well as other adult entertainments.

5) Watch a baseball game or a sumo match: baseball and sumo are both big in Japan although very different. If you have time, definitely do both as Sumo is unique to Japan and Japanese baseball games are very entertaining and different from American baseball games.

Tokyo Dome baseball game

6) Get Lost in Translation at New York Bar: if you have watched the movie Lost In Translation, you know that the main characters hung out at their hotel bar a lot. This bar is located on the 52nd floor of Park Hyatt Hotel in Shinjuku and on a clear day you can have a nice view of Tokyo

For more information on visiting Tokyo for the first time and things to do, check out my complete Tokyo itinerary.

New York City, USA

Times Square at night NYC

There is no place like New York and that’s not an overstatement. New York offers everything you would want to do/eat/drink/see/party.

Ranging from Broadway shows to partying till 4am then grabbing a bite after, New York has it all.

It’s the city that never sleeps and you will never run out of things to do and eat in New York. Just like the song Empire State of Mind, New York is a concrete jungle made of dreams, dreams to be a successful banker or a Broadway actress or a world-renowned artist.

Best Time to Visit New York City

The best time to visit New York City is spring or fall because the temperature is warm and dry.

BBG Cherry Blossom in New York

Spring is beautiful with peak cherry blossoms in April and comfortable weather in May.

Summer is really hot and humid and winter is bitter cold with heavy snowfall.

Fall is beautiful because of the all the foliage, see my post on visiting in New York in the fall here.

Christmas time is another good time to visit because of all the Christmas lights and decorations everywhere in the city. If you are interested in visiting in the winter, read my post here.

What to do in New York City On Your Own

1)  Walk theBrooklyn Bridge: Wake up before sunrise to walk down the Brooklyn Bridge to avoid the crowd. Or visit Brooklyn Bridge Park during sunset where the entire New York city skyline is covered in gold. If you are hungry, stop by Julianna’s for some delicious pizza.

Walking across Brooklyn Bridge NYC Itinerary

2) Picnic in Central Park: If you are here during the warmer months, have a picnic in Central Park. In the summertime, there is free Shakespeare in the park performance every weekend.

If you want to get free tickets, wake up early and get in line (while picnicing) outside of the Delacorte Theater. If you are not a fan of Shakespeare, don’t worry, explore the park at your leisure and stop by Bethesda Fountain for a photo shoot .

3) Get lost in Soho: If you are a fan of high street fashion (or something hipster and trendy), you will love Soho (stands for South of Houston Street). There are tons of designer stores as well as cute cafes and brunch spots. For brunch and ice cream, check out my post on the best brunch spots in New York City. and the best ice cream in Lower Manhattan.

4) Take a free boat to see the Statue of Liberty: there are plenty of tour cruises that take you to the Statue of Liberty.

View of Statue of Liberty from Governor's Island, a NYC itinerary
View of Statue of Liberty from Governor’s Island

If you only want to take a peak at it and not get on the island, consider taking the Staten Island Ferry from Financial District for free; or take a $2 Governor’s Island Ferry to Governor’s Island (first 2 boats on the weekend are free).

You can take a nice look at of Statue of Liberty from Governor’s Island while biking around and eating from various food trucks (summer only).

5) Experience Time Square: personally I hate Time Square (as do all the New Yorkers). It’s always so crowded and full of people trying to take photos with you for $$. However, if it’s your first time in New York you definitely need to visit the infamous Time Square, especially at night, “big lights will inspire you”.

Check out all my New York City travel guides. These include itineraries, food options, and other local and touristy things to do.

London, United Kingdom

Big Ben night shot first trip to london

In many ways, New York and London are very similar yet different. New York was the first place that I solo traveled and London was the second. London has an old school historical and classy charm to it.

Posh is the one word that I always use to describe London. Everything feels cleaner and higher class compare to New York (at least for me).

London had my heart the first time I visited and I loved it so much that I moved there for business school (then was forced to move to New York).

If you are interested in visiting London, be sure to check out my comprehensive London travel guide.

Best Time to Visit London

The best time to visit London is April to October because it’s less rainy and gray and you will see blue sky a lot during the summer months. London doesn’t get very hot so it’s really nice to visit in the summer. Spring is pretty because of all the flowers, especially wisteria and cherry blossom. Christmas time in London is worth visiting too, due to all the Christmas markets, outdoor ice skating rink and Christmas decorations.

What do do in London by Yourself

1) Visit Museums and Galleries: London has a ton of free museums and galleries for visitors. Some of the best ones include the British Museum, National Gallery, V&A Museum, the Natural History Museum, Tate Modern, etc. Check out my guide on the top free things to do in London for a more comprehensive list!

British Museum in London: First Time in London

2) See the Big Ben, Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey: a visit to London is not complete without seeing the Big Ben and the surrounding area. All of these are located right on the bank of the Thames River in the city of Westminster.

London big ben and parliament: first time in London visit travel guide

3) Watch a Broadway show or Musical: Even if London is not the birth place of Broadway shows and musicals, it’s pretty darn close to it. Any musicals and shows you want to see, London has it all, and at a much cheaper price! There are a lot of discounted tickets that you can buy from Leicester Square too (and many ticket sellers in that area)

4) Enjoy After Tea: another very girly and British thing to do is to get afternoon tea. Go relatively hungry because one set of afternoon tea is a lot of food and dessert. Some of my favorite afternoon tea places include the Wolseley, Rosewood Hotel, Fortnum & Mason, Sketch, etc. Book online as these popular places tend to get booked up fairly quickly.

5) Explore East London: East London is now a very trendy and hip place with numerous restaurants, shops, cafes, bars, clubs and street art. Some of my favorite areas in East London include Camden, Shoreditch and Bricklane Market.

Paris, France

Paris itinerary 4 days - Eiffel Tower

The city of love took my breath away the first time I visited. Then the next 2 times I hated it. However 4th time the charm!

I am back in love with Paris after a solo trip there. Paris is an all time favorite destination for many girls; it’s chic, cute, and classy, in a very French way. Every time I go back to Paris I explore a different district because every district is so different.

Best Time To Visit Paris

The best time to visit Paris is May to October. Spring is very pretty with all the flowers and fall is dry and cool. Summer can get a bit hot and crowded but if you don’t mind that then it’s fine. Although it does rain a lot in Paris (rained everyday when I was there early May and thunder stormed frequently in August) but even in the rain, Paris can be charming.

What to do in Paris Solo

1) Visit the Louvre & Orsay Museum: Paris houses some of the world’s best museums. The two that are particularly famous are the Louvre and Orsay Musem (across the river from each other).


Mona Lisa is one of the most famous pieces at Louvre among others. The Orsay on the other hand, is smaller than the Louvre but it’s my favorite museum in Paris.

The Orsay houses many works by Monet, whose work I admire very much.


Tip: Orsay is free the first Sunday of every month and admission is free for the Louvre on July 14th (and every Friday after 6pm for people under 26 with IDs). When you visit the Orsay, go early and go to the top floor first to take photo with the clock before it gets crowded. The Louvre is also beautiful to visit at night!

The Paris Pass includes all of the famous museums and attractions in Paris at 40% off.

2) View the Eiffel Tower From Afar and Up Close: The Eiffel Tower is the symbol of Paris and often the first stop for first time visitors. Most visitors go to the Eiffel Tower and take the elevator to the top for a view of Paris.

I like to see the Eiffel tower from afar (from Montparnasse Tower in fact). You get a perfect view of the tower during sunset and when the sky is dark enough, the tower will glitter in the distance.

3) Explore Montmartre: if you are in Paris on a Sunday, while most shops are closed, visit Montmartre (18th arrondissement).

The best sight there is the beautiful white basilica called Sacré-Cœur or Sacred Heart. You can climb to the top (with a fee) to enjoy a view of Paris and of the Eiffel Tower. After you finish visiting Sacré-Cœur, walk around the neighborhood. There are a lot of cute cafes and restaurants.

sacre coeur montmartre summer

4) See the Notre-Dame and the Surrounding Areas: I personally have never gone up the Notre-Dame because it costs money and there is always a long line. But I do love walking around the neighborhood around the Notre-Dame. (Note that Notre-Dame suffered from a huge fire in 2019 so it’s under renovation/ re-built).

pretty cafes in Paris

5) Day trip to Versailles: Versailles is one of the prettiest palace (and garden) that I have visited to date. It’s about 1-1.5 hours on public transit from Paris to Versailles. Get to Versailles early because it’s a huge place and you will end up spending a day there.

There are a lot more you can do in Paris besides the 5 things I mentioned. My favorite area to stay and shop is Le Marais!

Check out my 4 day Paris Itinerary for all the things you can do in Paris. 

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam solo travel

Amsterdam is one of the easiest cities I’ve visited in Europe. By easy I mean it’s easy to get around, things that I wanted to see were close together, and it’s really cute! I went twice and loved it both times, but they were also 2 day trips at most.

Best Time To Visit Amsterdam

April and May are the best time to visit Amsterdam because the weather is getting warmer and this is when tulips bloom. Summer and fall are also popular time to visit Amsterdam but summer tends to be really packed and it starts to rain more in the fall time and it gets darker earlier.

What to do in Amsterdam On Your Own

1) Visit the museums in Amsterdam’s “Museum Square”: Amsterdam has some of the best museums in the world. One of my favorites is the Van Gogh Museum. I’ve always been a huge fan so it was great to see all his work there. Another famous museum is the Rijksmuseum, a museum dedicated to arts and history.

2) Bike around the city: Biking is one of the essential experiences in Amsterdam. Locals bike all the time and you can easily rent a bike or do a guided biking tour to see more of the city.

3) See the red light district: The red light district is right in the middle of city center. If you are staying in the most touristy area of town, it’s hard to miss the red light district in Amsterdam. Red light district is not normally something I would go out of my way to see but it is an interesting experience in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Red light district at night

4) Eat to your heart’s content: Amsterdam has a lot of great street food so make sure you walk around and try some of the street food. One dish that’s really famous in Amsterdam is rijsttafel, it translates to “rice table”.

It’s a rice dish accompanied by small side dishes such as satay, pickles and egg roles. You can get it from local Indonesia restaurants! Amsterdam also has a good number of Tibetan restaurants.

5) Take a day trip to Keukenhof Garden: If you go in late March to mid May, you should take a day trip to Keukenhof Garden, 1 hour outside of Amsterdam to see the tulips.

Amsterdam Keukenhof Garden

The Amsterdam Pass includes all the famous attractions (including Keukenhof) in Amsterdam and help you save money.

Shanghai, China


Shanghai is one of the most vibrant and modern cities in China and it’s especially safe for female solo travelers.

I’ve visited a few times and every time I wish I could’ve stayed longer to see more. Even if you don’t speak any Chinese, it’s still relatively easy to get around Shanghai.

If it’s your first time traveling to China or you don’t know what to expect, read my post on how to plan your first trip to China as well as my China itinerary which includes Shanghai.

Best Time to Visit Shanghai

The best time to visit Shanghai is spring or fall, when the weather is more mild and dry and less humid. Avoid visiting in the summer as it can get extremely hot and humid (~40C).

Try to avoid visiting Shanghai during major Chinese national holidays, such as the first week of May, first week of October and Chinese new year time.

During the Chinese holidays, the entire country seems to travel and major cities like Shanghai and Beijing get extremely crowded.

What to do in Shanghai Alone

1)  See the Bund and walk down Nanjing Road: A visit to Shanghai is not complete without having visited the Bund. I personally recommend visiting the Bund early in the morning and at night.

The Bund is completely transformed when all the lights come on at night. Nanjing Road is connected to the Bund and it’s one of the most famous shopping streets in Shanghai. Even if you don’t intend to shop, it’s still customary to walk down the road just to experience the hustling and bustling of Shanghai.

Shanghai Bund China itinerary

2) Visit Yu Garden and try the street food & soup dumplings: One of the most famous gardens in Shanghai is the Yu Garden.

China itinerary: Shanghai city bazaar

You will love the traditional Chinese architecture and garden as well as the shops and food stalls outside of Yu Garden. Since you have to pay for tickets CNY 40 (during Spring and Fall), it’s a lot less crowded inside the garden than the area outside.

After you finish visiting the garden, there is a tea house right outside, stop by to get some tea. There is also a famous (and touristy) soup dumpling house called Nanxiang Mantou, there is always a line but the soup dumpling is really good.

3) Experience nightlife in Shanghai: Shanghai is considered China’s New York, a city that never sleeps. Many people go to Xintiandi for dinner and drinks on the weekend, but there are many more clubs and bars all over Shanghai.

An area that I personally like a lot is the former French Concession area. There are a lot of good restaurants and bars in that area. If you are interested in clubbing, this guide tells you all the best clubs in Shanghai.

4) Pay a visit to Tian Zi Fang: Tianzifang is located in the former French Concession area. It’s an artistic and touristy are that developed in the residential neighborhood. Nowadays it’s populated by various shops,art galleries,  restaurants and cafes and it’s very popular with expats.

5) See Shanghai from Above: Shanghai is famous for its sky scrapers. With sky scrapers comes observation decks and rooftop bars. Some of the best observation decks include the one in Shanghai Tower, the Shanghai World Financial Center, Oriental Pearl Tower, etc. Some of the nicest rooftop bars are also near the Pudong River, such as the one at Ritz Carlton and the W.

Other things you can do in Shanghai include looking around the marriage market at People’s Park on Sundays and do day trips outside of Shanghai. If you are interested in the ancient water towns as featured in the film Mission Impossible III, check out my post on how to visit Xitang from Shanghai.

Xitang at night

Barcelona, Spain

Imagine of Barcelona from Park Guell

Barcelona is usually the first city in Spain that people visit and it’s not hard to understand why. Barcelona has everything you can ever want: sunshine, beach, mountain, food, history, culture, and good looking people.

It’s a big city but public transportation in Barcelona makes it easy to get around and explore alone. I personally spent 3 weeks alone in Barcelona and there are so much more to see in Barcelona.

Best Time To Visit Barcelona

Best time to visit Barcelona is spring and fall because of milder and drier weather. In the summer it can get really hot and humid and crowded.

What to do in Barcelona On Your Own

1) Visit all the Gaudi masterpieces such as Sagrada Familia, Casa Mila, Casa Batlo and Park Guell. One reason Barcelona is so pretty is because of all the Gaudi architecture in the city.

Casa Batlló Barcelona

There are way more Gaudi houses and museums than I just mentioned but if you are short on time, those are some of the good Barcelona highlights you can start with.

Sagrada Familia Barcelona

To save time at Sagrada Familia, make sure to order tickets online to avoid disappointments.

All the main attractions in Barcelona including the ones above are included in the Barcelona Pass.

2) Experience the food scene and eat all the tapas to your heart’s content in Barcelona. Barcelona is famous for some of the best Spanish food you can get.

Take a stroll down the La Ramblas and explore the amazing La Boqueria, a famous food market in Barcelona. There you can find juices, chocolates, tapa stands, seafood/jamon stands, etc. Some of my favorite restaurants in Barcelona include Cafe de L’academia and El Xampanyet.

Mercado de la boqueria barcelona

3) Explore Montjuïc during the day and the Magic Fountain at night. If you have some time to kill and want nice views of Barcelona and somewhere quiet then Montjuic is a perfect choice.

You can take a Cable Car from Barceloneta (the beach) up to Montjuic or you can take a bus all the way to the top of Montjuic and explore the different parks, Montjuic Castle, Olympic stadium, museums, etc.

Then slowly make your way down to Palau Nacional and watch the Magic Fountain at night. The best view of the Barcelona magic fountain is from Palau Nacional so get there early to claim the best spot.

Magic Fountain at night in Barcelona

4) Go to the beach in Barcelona is probably one of people’s favorite activities there. The beach, called Barceloneta, is actually a man made beach. In the summer (or on a warm day) you will see tons of people sunbathing, biking and running along the beach.

There are many restaurants and shops near Barceloneta. There are also many famous clubs such as Opium that’s on the beach. The W hotel of Barcelona is also situated on the beach and offers some of the best views of the city.

Barceloneta Beach Barcelona

5) Pay a visit to Mount Tibidabo. Mount Tibidabo is the tallest mountain in the Barcelona area such a church (Sagrat Cor Church) and the Tibidabo Amusement Park on the top.

There are ways to hike up but the easiest is to take a Funicular or a bus. It’s about an hour from La Ramblas area. Since it’s the tallest mountain in Barcelona, you can actually get a panoramic view of the ocean and the city. You can also see the amusement park and church from almost anywhere in Barcelona.

Mount Tibidabo Amusement Park Barcelona

Other things you can do in Barcelona include taking a cooking class, learn some Catalan, watch a football game at Camp Nou, or take a day trip to Monserrat and see the Black Madonna.

Check out my detailed Barcelona itinerary and travel guide.

Singapore: Singapore

Gardens by the Bay in Singapore
Gardens by the Bay

I honestly feel like there is no safer place in this world than Singapore, a city-state made famous by the Hollywood film Crazy Rich Asians.

This small city-state has extremely low crime rate but a ton of things to do and eat. It’s geographical location also makes it super convenient to visit other Southeastern countries like Malaysia and Thailand.

Best time to visit Singapore

Since Singapore is very close to the equator it’s hot and humid all year round.

Generally people recommend visiting Singapore between February to April when it’s slightly cooler and not monsoon season.

May/June are the hottest months in Singapore and November to January is the the most wet month in Singapore. Even during non-monsoon season it still rains frequently in Singapore but the storm tends to come quickly and disappear quickly.

What to do in Singapore By Yourself

1) Explore Gardens By The Bay. You may recognize the supertrees at Gardens By the Bay from the movie Crazy Rich Asians where Colin and Araminta had their wedding receptions.

The Gardens by The Way is the famous nature park in Singapore featuring Cloud Forest Dome, Colorful Supertrees (that light up at night), perpetual spring of flower dome, and many other themed gardens. The goal behind Gardens By the Bay was the Singapore Government’s effort to enhance greenery in the city.

Singapore Gardens by the Bay aerial shot

2) Spend the Day at Sentosa. If you are looking for a place that has a beach, different adventure activities, golf courses and theme parks then you need to pay a visit to Sentosa.

Sentosa is an island in the Central Region of Singapore and one of the most popular tourist attractions in Singapore. It also hosted the North Korea – America Summit in 2018. 

3) Explore the Colorful Neighborhoods in Singapore. Singapore has many colorful and instagrammable neighborhoods with cute and colorful houses. Places such as Chinatown, Little India, Koon Seng Road and Haji Lane are all places that are instagram worthy in Singapore. 

4) Eat all the Local Food in Singapore. If you like food and are open to try different types of food then you would love Singapore.

Singapore cuisine is a mix of Malay, Indian, Chinese and Indonesian influences. Some of the most famous dishes in Singapore include the Chili Grab, Hainan Chicken and Rice, Kaya Toast & Soft Boiled Egg, Laksa, Minced Meat Noodles, etc.

The best places to eat in Singapore are not in restaurants, but large food courts called Hawker Center. Just for reference, Crazy Rich Asian had a scene where the main characters were eating at food courts in Singapore and that was at the Newton Hawker Centre.

5) See the Marina Bay Sands. Marina Bay Sands is a resort and casino in Singapore and it’s most famous for its shape as well as the infinity pool on the top of the hotel (for guests only).

Marina Bay Sands

While if you have the money to stay, the infinity pool is definitely nice, but you can also see Marina Bay Sand from below especially at night. There are light shows at night when the weather is cooler. There is also a bar on the rooftop that’s open to anyone. 


If you have a few days to spend in Singapore, check out this 4 days Singapore itinerary.

Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong is one of the first places I traveled to and I liked it so much I went back to study abroad there for 2 months. Hong Kong is not only safe for solo travelers but also has so much going on that you will never feel bored or alone.

There are tons of expats in Hong Kong and locals are friendly towards foreigners. Besides its vibrant night life scene, Hong Kong also has amazing beaches and nature if you want something different to do.

Best time to visit Hong Kong

Hong Kong is best visited between October and April when the temperature is cooler and it’s less humid. I highly advise against visiting Hong Kong during the summer as the temperature can get up to 90F with high humidity. There is also a risk of typhoon in the summer from May to September.

What To Do in Hong Kong By Yourself

1) Check out the night life scene in Hong Kong. Hong Kong has one of the most vibrant nightlife scenes in the world and I say this after traveling to more than 50 countries.

Places like Chai Wan and LKF are packed at night and not only on the weekends. On the weekends you can expect everyone to be out till 4 to 5am. Hong Kong also has some of the best rooftop bars in the world with the view of Victoria Harbor or Hong Kong Island.

2) Hike up (or bus up) to the Victoria Peak. If one thing Hong Kong has right (among other things) is the amazing skyline. One of the best and most popular places to see the Hong Kong skyline is up at the Victoria Peak (don’t go when it’s foggy!). You can hike up or take a bus all the way up and the view will awe you.

Hong Kong Victoria Peak view at night

3) Island Hop in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is not only Central and Causeway Bay! There are a lot of islands in Hong Kong that are unique and amazing. Some of my favorite islands include Lamma Island, Lantau Island and Cheung Chau.

You can take ferries from Hong Kong Island (mostly Central) to explore these islands as day trips. While on the islands, you can hike and eat fresh sea food.

Lamma Island Hong Kong

4) Explore Nature in Hong Kong. If you are in Hong Kong during the fall or spring, head out to the beach or do a hike! There are a lot of nature in Hong Kong for you to explore and ditch the crowds (when I say crowds I seriously mean crowds).

Some popular beaches in Hong Kong include Clearwater Bay, Repulse Bay, etc. Some popular hikes in Hong Kong include Dragon’s Back, MacLehose Trail and Tai Mo Shan Trail.

Hiking in Hong kong

5) Take a day trip to Macau. Macau is about an hour from Hong Kong by ferry. It’s always exciting to explore this former Portuguese colony, especially if you like to gamble.

Macau is the only place in China that is legal to gamble so a lot of large casinos were built there such as the Venetian, MGM, Wynn, etc. If you are not into Gambling, explore the ruins in Macau and try some street foods including the amazing Portuguese egg tarts.

Macau Ruins and Portuguese Egg tarts

South Island, New Zealand

Hiking Roy's Peak in New Zealand
Roy’s Peak, New Zealand

If you are the adventurous or nature type of solo traveler then New Zealand (especially South Island in New Zealand) is the perfect destination for you.

In the country where there are more sheep than people, New Zealand is very safe. People are friendly and nature is stunning. No wonder The Lord of the Rings films were filmed in New Zealand.

Best Time To Visit New Zealand

New Zealand sits on the Southern Hemisphere so its seasons are reversed compare to New York or London.

The best time to visit New Zealand South Island is between November and early April when there is less rain fall and the temperature is warm.

However if you suffer from seasonable allergy then I recommend visiting January or later when the allergy has died down. Visiting New Zealand during Christmas time can be very expensive so take that into consideration!

Best Things To Do in New Zealand South Island as a Solo Female Traveler

1) Explore Queenstown. Queenstown is the adventure capital of the world. It’s a really nice city and you can easily meet other travelers in hostels!

If you are into bungee jumping, jet boating, white water rafting and hiking, then you will love Queenstown. You can literally do a different adventure everyday and not get bored for a week. While you are in Queenstown, don’t forget the stop by Fergburger, the world famous burger joint.

Queenstown New Zealand

2) Join a Multi-Day Hiking Group. South Island has a number of multi-day hikes otherwise known as The Great Walks. Some of the most famous ones include the Milford Track, Routeburn Track, Kepler Track etc. There are tons of hiking groups you can join to do these Great Walks.

Lake Marian View from Key Summit Track

3) Kayak in Paradise. One of my personal favorite activities in the south Island of New Zealand was to kayak in Paradise (a town). This was an overall tour with jet boating starting in Glenorchy then kayak downstream in Paradise in Mount Aspiring National Park.

Dart River Funyaking Paradise New Zealand
Kayaking in Paradise, New Zealand

4) Explore Fiordland. One of the most famous natural wonders in the South Island of New Zealand is Milford Sound, located in Fiordland National Park.

Although most people go for the Milford Sound Cruise, which is a family friendly activity, there are more things you can do in Fiordland National Park. The drive from Te Anau to Milford Sound itself is beautiful with tons of tops (lakes, hikes, etc).

You can also kayak, scuba dive in Milford Sound as well as take a helicopter tour to see Milford Sound from above.

Mitre Peak Milford Sound

5) Visit Glaciers. South Island has a number of famous glaciers. If you want to walk on top of one, be sure to not miss Fox Glacier and Franz Josef Glacier, both are accessible with tours.

If you just want to see glacier from afar and not actually walk on one, then you can hike the Rob roy Glacier Track (3 hours round trip) near Wanaka to see the glacier. 

Check out my New Zealand travel articles to find the best things for you to do alone.

Madeira, Portugal

Madeira Cable Car View of Funchal

Madeira is a group of islands off the coast of Africa that actually belong to Portugal.

The largest island, Madeira Island, is a wonderful destination whether you are going with group of friends or alone. Madeira is extremely safe and interesting to visit; the locals are nice, food is amazing, tons of things to do, and the hikes are beautiful.

Best Time to Visit Madeira

Madeira enjoys a mild Mediterranean climate so it never gets too hot or too cold. Between mid October to mid April there is a good amount of thunderstorm and rainfalls so the best time to visit is between May to October.

I personally visited end of April/ early May and thought the weather was perfect although a bit too cold for the beach.

Things To Do in Madeira By Yourself

1) Swim in the Natural Pools. Madeira is volcanic by nature and there are volcanic rock formed natural pools all over the island.

There is no entrance fee at some of these pools and the most famous ones include Porto Moniz Natural Pools (paid entrance), Seixal Natural Pools (free), Lido Pools in Funchal (paid) and Caniçal Bathing Complex (paid).

Seixal Natural Pool in Cave Madeira

2) Chase Waterfalls in Madeira. Madeira seriously reminds me of Hawaii because of its lush forests, dramatic cliffs and numerous waterfalls.

Some of the waterfalls in Madeira can be easily visited and require no hiking whereas others require a bit of hiking. Some of my favorite waterfalls in Madeira include the Bridal Veil Fall, Garganta Funda waterfall, Risco Waterfall, etc.

Ponta-do-Poiso waterfall view point

3) Eat Sea Food in Madeira. Being an island, it should be no surprise that Madeira has incredible seafood.

There are fishes in Madeira that I never had anywhere else before, such as Parrot Fish and Black Scabbardfish (cooked with banana). Besides eating the seafood, also try some of the local liquors like Poncha, Nikita, and Pe de Cabra.

Grilled fish at Restaurante-Casal-da-Penha

4) Go hiking in Madeira. Madeira has some of the best hiking trails in the world and this is not an exaggeration.

The hikes in Madeira range from very easy to difficult and some of the best hikes in Madeira. My personal favorite is PR1 Pico do Arieiro to Pico Ruivo where you are high above the clouds and walking on ridges between two mountain peaks. Other hikes lead you to dramatic cliffs, waterfalls, etc.

Hiking PR1 Pico do Arieiro to Eagle's Nest in Madeira

5) Explore Funchal. Funchal is the largest city in Madeira and you can spend 3 days in Funchal alone! Take a cable car up the mountains to visit the Monte Palace Garden or the Botanic Garden, walk around old town Funchal, try the Poncha drinks and Portuguese egg tarts, or simply walk along the beach promenade and enjoy the chill vibe this island has to offer.

Check out my Madeira travel guides to help you plan your trip there.

Florence, Italy

view of Ponte Vecchio, Florence

Italy is an amazing country and I never once felt unsafe when I was in Italy. Florence is the birth place of renaissance and often one of people’s favorite cities to visit in Italy. Florence offers everything you would want: good food, rich culture and history, shopping, sightseeing, etc.

Best Time to Visit Florence

The best time to visit Florence would be the late spring month and fall months when the temperature is cooler and more dry. Summer can get extremely hot in Florence (40C) and it’s cold and wet in the winter in Florence.

Best Things To Do in Florence If You Are Alone

1) Visit the Museums of Florence. Being the birth place of Renaissance, you can imagine how great the museums are in Florence. The most famous museums and galleries in Florence are Uffizi Gallery and Accademia Gallery, which houses the famous statue David.

2) Eat Florentine Steak. Florence has great food no doubt and one of its most famous dish is Florentine Steak. Make a reservation at one of the most popular steakhouses to avoid disappointment.

3) Climb the Duomo. The Duomo is perhaps the most famous and most visited structure in Florence. It’s a a beautiful cathedral that you can climb up to the top. Definitely purchase tickets in advance to avoid waiting 1+ hour in line.

Top of Duomo in Florence
View of Giotto’s Bell Tower From the Duomo

4) Hike Up to the Best View Point of Florence. One of my favorite view points in Florence is Piazzale Michelangelo. It’s free to visit and it has a really nice view of historical Florence across the river.

View of Florence from Piazzale-Michelangelo
View from PIazzale Michelangelo

5) Take day trips in Tuscany. Florence is in the heart of Tuscany and there are so many places to visit! Some of the most famous places in Tuscany you can take a day trip to include Siena, Cinque Terre, Chianti, San Gimignano, etc.


Check out my 1 Day in Florence itinerary to see the best things to do there.

Cusco, Peru

Cathedral in Cusco Peru best place to solo travel

Cusco is a city in the Andes mountain range in Peru. Cusco is mostly famous for being the gateway to the ancient Inca empire and also its high altitude. Cusco is a great city to travel alone because it’s safe and has tons of tours you can do to explore the Inca ruins nearby.

Best Time to Visit Cusco

Being in the Southern Hemisphere means Cusco has a reversed season pattern compare to North America and the UK, with winter being in June/ July and summer in December/ January.

Cusco mostly has two seasons, a wet season and a dry season.

The wet season is the summer season from October to April and dry season is the winter season from April to September. Although you can visit Cusco all year round, it’s best to visit during dry season if you plan to do the Inca Trail or any other hiking trails.

Best Things to Do in Cusco By Yourself

No matter how many days you spend in Cusco, there are a ton of things to do.

1) Visit Machu Picchu. Machu Picchu is the most famous place people visit near Cusco. You can visit Machu Picchu either via a tour, do a day trip yourself (book the train via Peru Rail), or join a hiking group to do the Inca Trail.

Aside of Machu Picchu, if you are into hiking, there are other hiking groups you can join to do the Lares Trek, Salkantay Trail, Rainbow Mountain, etc.

Inca Trail to Machu Picchu
View of Machu Picchu from the Sun Gate

2) Tour the Sacred Valley. One of the best tours you can take from Cusco is to visit the Sacred Valley. Since Cusco is at a relatively high altitude (~3400m/ 12000ft), people often immediately take a tour to visit the Sacred Valley which sits at a lower altitude.

Besides helping you get used to the altitude, the Sacred Valley is the heart of the ancient Inca civilization and worth a visit.

Cusco sacred valley tour

3) Visit the Salt Mines. Another cool day trip to take from Cusco is to visit the Maras Salt Mines as well as the Moray terraces. You will learn more about the Inca civilization (their clever ways of using terraces for agricultural experiments) and view the spectacular salt mines to get that Instagram worthy photo.

Cusco sacred valley tour - salinas
Salinas Salt Mine

4) Do a Chocolate Making Class. There is a nice chocolate museum in Cusco! Their chocolate making class is quite fun and informative and I mean…who doesn’t love chocolate? It’s a good activity to do in Cusco if you have some down time or want to acclimate to the altitude and not want to move too much.

5) Explore the historical center of Cusco. The historical center of Cusco is beautiful to explore, with the famous Plaza de Armas, San Pedro Market, museums, etc. 

Cusco historical center

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Hoi An, Vietnam


Hoi An is a cute city in central Vietnam that used to be a trading port back in the days.

Most people are drawn to Hoi An by its well preserved historical buildings, lantern lined streets, delicious street food, etc. Hoi An does not have an airport or train station on its own, so you will need to fly into Danang first before hiring a taxi to Hoi An.

Hoi An is a wonderful destination for solo travelers since it’s safe and welcoming. There are a number of hostels that cater to solo travelers and backpackers and you will not run out of things to do in Hoi An.

Best Time to Visit Hoi An

The best time to visit Hoi An is between the month of February to April, when the weather is cooler. I recommend not visiting Hoi An after May during the summer months as the heat can be bad.

Things To Do in Hoi An Alone

1) Explore the old town of Hoi An. Hoi An has a vibrant and historical old town that many tourists spend time in. There are many historical buildings including the Japanese covered Bridge, Hoi An Fujian Assembly Hall, etc. There are also many restaurants, shops and tea houses that are worth stopping by.

Hoi An Itinerary | Japanese Covered Bridge is a must see attraction in Hoi An

2) Eat All the Street Food. Hoi An has a ton of street food that you can literally eat all day long. Check out this post from my friend GirleatWorld on all the street foods she recommends.

3) Relax at the Beach or Take a trip to Cham Island. Hoi An is on the East side of Vietnam with its own sandy beach. If you are visiting Hoi An during the summer, it would be a good idea to relax on the sandy beach.

The closest and most popular beach in Hoi An is the An Bang beach, which you can access by walking or riding a bike. There are a ton of beach resorts there also if you decide to stay there. Other beaches in Hoi An include Cua Dai and Hidden Beach.

Another option is to take a boat trip to Cham Island, a group of 8 islands off the coast of Hoi An. You can do so by going on Private Canoe rides, group tours or wooden boats but that require you to stay one night.

Golden Bridge Ba Na Hills is it worth visiting?
Golden Bridge

4) Take a day trip to Danang and the Golden Bridge. The nearest large city to Hoi An is Danang and many people go to Danang as a day trip from Hoi An. One of the most famous place to visit near Danang now is the Golden Bridge in Ba Na Hills.

Hoi An itinerary | lanterns in Hoi An at night

5) Walk Around Hoi An at night. Hoi An is not only nice during the day but even better at night when all the lanterns are lit. A lot of the vibrant nightlife is in the old town by the river. One of my personal favorite things to do in Hoi An was to walk around at night, see all the shops and bars come to life and visit lantern shops. 

If you have more time in Vietnam, be sure to check out my 10 day Vietnam itinerary and my Hoi An itinerary.

Toronto, Canada

Toronto is one of the biggest cities in Canada and one I frequent by myself a lot. There are a ton of things to do and eat in Toronto and I never once felt unsafe walking around by myself, even at night.

Best Time to Visit Toronto

Summer and Fall are great time to visit Toronto due to its beautiful weather. Toronto has a pretty cold and snowy winter and it’s still pretty cold even in April. Therefore I personally recommend visiting when the temperature is warmer.

Best Things to do in Toronto Alone

1) Visit the food markets. Toronto has some of the most famous food markets in North America, with the two best ones being St. Lawrence Market and Kensington Market.

2) Explore Downtown Toronto. There are a lot to see in downtown Toronto, including Distillery District, CN Tower, Toronto Sign, etc.

Toronto Itinerary 2 Days

3) Chill on a rooftop bar. Toronto in the summer is known for its rooftop bar and brunch scene. Some of the best rooftops you can explore include the Thomson Hotel Rooftop Bar, Lavelle, the Porch, etc. If you want a brunch with best view from the roof, check out Kost.

4) Shop on Queen Street or Yorkville. If you are into shopping then you will not be disappointed by the shopping scene in Toronto. For chain brands and casual shops, check out Queen Street. If you want high end stores, check out Yorkville.

5) Visit Niagara Falls from Toronto. Toronto is not too far from Niagara Falls and a cheap and quick day trip can let you visit this natural wonder.

how to visit Niagara falls from Toronto

If you are spending 2 to 3 days in Toronto, check out my weekend Toronto itinerary.

Tips To Travel Alone Safely

If you are traveling alone for the first time, then you may be wary of how to best prepare for your trip and how to stay safe and well during your solo travel. I’ve compiled some tips based on my own experience to help you stay safe when you travel by yourself.

Let Someone Know Where You go

Before you travel alone, let your family or friends know exactly where you will be, this includes hotel names, address, contact information, your itinerary, etc. This way if your family or friends can’t reach you, at least they have somewhere to start looking.

Watch the Night Life

You may call me conservative or old fashioned, but I am a true believer in looking after yourself especially at night. Although most places are perfectly safe if you want to pop into a bar for drinks, but I would recommend against getting too drunk and losing your common sense and judgement.

I always find it helpful to make friends from hostels and go as a group so you can look after each other.

Stay at a Hostel

Some may argue against this but I personally love staying at hostels when I travel alone. I enjoy making friends from hostels and have people to explore and hang out together. If hostel is not your thing, don’t worry, you can still make friends from walking tours!

Watch Your Belongings

Some cities on my list are infamous for pick pockets although I have never been pick pocketed through all my solo travels *knock on wood*. I never use backpacks when I’m outside and I always hug my purse when I’m walking alone to prevent things from being stolen.

If you are buying train tickets at a train station, still keep an eye out for your luggage. Don’t use a tote bag that doesn’t close, this invites thieves to steal your phone and wallets.

Act Like Locals Do

This may not work so well if you are going to a country where you stand out but to me it’s always helpful to walk around like I know what I’m doing (even when I don’t).

For example when I was living alone in Cape Town, I always hid my camera in my purse and walked around with confidence pretending I know where I’m going. You are less likely to be a target if people think you know what you are doing and you look vigilant. It’s easy to be a target if you look distracted, have your big camera out, etc.

Stay Connected

Having internet connection always helps when you travel alone because you can look for directions and information yourself. If you can, get a local sim card when you land or enable international roaming.

Use Legit Transportation

Always use legal and legit forms of transportation when you travel alone. I have heard of many instances where people get into unlicensed cars in Paris and get scammed out of a lot of money. If there is licensed taxi use those. If not, use Uber and let people know the car/ driver you are riding with.

Do Your Research

Some people like to wing their trip but I personally don’t like doing that. I always do tons of research before I go to a city to find out things such as:
– Hotel Reviews
– Known scams in the city
– Safe and unsafe areas in the city
– Cultural information and etiquette
– Travel advisory and warning
– Logistics on how to get to places

This may seem like a long list but after traveling to so many countries I really do find these information useful in keeping me safe and healthy.

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